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Best Bow StringIf you ask an archer what the essence of a bow is, they will definitely say it is the bowstrings. Bowstrings are one of the vital components that help to determine how powerful, accurate, and consistent your shots are going to be.

Moreover, it is also likely to affect the vibration, noise levels as well as the refinement of the bow. Thus, it is imperative to get your hands on the best and most suitable bowstrings for your bow.

With a market full of choices and variations, it is normal to get confused over which one is the best bow string for you.

So, to help you out, we have reviewed the top bow strings out there.

Care to know more about them? Then continue reading.

1. KESHES Dacron B-55 Bow String

Highlighted Features

  • Has a longer lifespan compared to most other bowstrings
  • Compatible with a wide variety of bows
  • Comes in multiple variations to fit different weights of bows
  • If there are any issues, you can get a full refund

KESHES Dacron B-55 Bow StringThe most annoying feature of the average bow string is that with use, it keeps stretching until it becomes unusable. This is where the Dacron B-55 Bow String comes into play. The B-55 has been crafted to return to its unprecedented size after each and every use.

While it is likely to stretch a little with prolonged use, but, it definitely will provide you a longer lifespan, unlike most other bow strings. However, if you want to enhance its lifespan, you should always take care of it accordingly to stop the strings from separating.

Now, these strings are compatible with recurve, long, and compound bows; thus, you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Moreover, it comes in three tension support forms to meet the weight of your bows, which are 12 strings for up to 40lbs, 14 strings for up to 50lbs, and 16 strings for up to 65lbs.

You will also find that it is available in various lengths that range from 44 inches to 68 inches, all of which are AMO standard.

This bow string features an endless loop end that makes it easier to attach it to any bows. Additionally, it is made out of great quality polyester to ensure durability. Overall, it’s certainly a great contender for the “best compound bow strings” title.

2. Legend Propel Recurve Bow String

Highlighted Features

  • It is offered in different sizes to meet the requirement of the bow
  • Is guaranteed to provide a more powerful shot
  • Will always deliver consistent shots
  • Does not require additional tools to install the strings
  • Has a long lifespan

Legend Propel Recurve Bow StringIf you are looking for a smoother shot that will exert more power without needing to replace your bow entirely, then you should definitely check out the Proper Recurve Bow String by Legend. This one is regarded as one of the best recurve bow strings on the market.

What Legend did was combine expert craftsmanship with advanced technology to produce a string like no other. Not only will you be able to exert a lot of power, but you will also experience the joy of achieving consistent shots every time.

You will notice that the bow string will go back to its original state after every shot. It was achieved by using bonded polyester that helps to reduce abrasion at the same time it increases the tensile strength. Thanks to this amazing feature, you will end up with a bow string that will be useful for a longer period of time.

This bow string comes in different variation to meet the demand of different sized and weighted bows. Moreover, as it features a braided endless loop design, you will not require to use any added equipment during the installation process.

Whether you are an amateur archer or a professional one, you will certainly love using this amazing bow strings.

3. Huntingdoor Archery Bow String

Highlighted Features

  • Made out of high-quality material to give it a long life
  • The strings are incredibly quiet
  • Will help you to make accurate and powerful shots.
  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to set up

Huntingdoor Archery Bow StringAs an expert, you should be able to distinguish the difference between an ordinary string and a great string just by touching it. The first time we got our hands on the Archery Bow String by Huntingdoor, we were left awestruck.

You will find that each of the respective sizes were perfected to fit the body of your bow seamlessly. In fact, the ends of the string feature a small loop design that will allow you basically insert them into the bow.

While this cuts down the tedious process of installation, it also significantly enhances the overall experience of using the bow. Additionally, you will also enjoy smoother tuning and adjusting since the string stretches.

Now, what we loved about this string is that it helps to produce powerful shots each and every time. Not only that but, it also is incredibly quiet. In fact, the amount of noise made by the string is as low as an average person humming.

Incredibly, these strings come in eight different sizes to perfectly fit any range of the bow. It is made out of great quality sturdy dacron, which not only makes it durable but also helps it to be lightweight.

4. Southland Archery Supply B-50 Bow String

Highlighted Features

  • Made out of premium quality material
  • Extremely sturdy yet flexible
  • Delivers powerful, precise shots
  • Is compatible with a range of bows including older models

Southland Archery Supply B-50 Bow StringAre you looking for a bow string that will provide you will give you a good sturdy shape but also flexibility? Then we may have found just the right product for you. The B-50 Bow String by Southland Archery Supply (SAS) is a gem for anyone who is enthusiastic about archery.

These strings by SAS are quiet reputable thanks to their impeccable craftsmanship and quality. Not only will it satisfy you by wielding great power, but also with its amazing accuracy.

A remarkable attribute of this bow string is that it is compatible with almost any kind of bows. So if you are someone who owns an older model of the bow, then this is the perfect solution for you!

What we love about this string is that it is super easy to install and use. If truth be told, even the clumsiest of people will be able to set it up without facing any trouble.

The strings feature an endless loop end and are devised to be four inches longer than the real length of the bow. What this does is make the process of installation smoother. At the same time, it provides you with the flexibility you will require without letting the strings lose their integrity.

These strings are made out of premium quality dacron, which automatically means that you will end up with strings that are going to be extremely durable and sturdy.

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Buying Guide for Bow Strings

Before you make the final decision regarding which bowstring you want to get for yourself. You have to make sure that you know what features to look for, let’s take a look at what those are.

The Length

One of the most important specifications to look out for when buying a bowstring is the length of the product. The length of the string has a direct impact on deciding the level of difficulty when it comes to the setup process. At the same time, it has an effect on how much power and flexibility you will get out of the bow.

In order to get the perfect sized strings, all you need to do is know the measurements of your own bow. Furthermore, it also adds to the comfort during the use.

The Strands

You need to know how many strands you are going to require to match the weight you decide your place on it. The more weight you decide to put on, the more strands you are going to require.

Thankfully most of the brands nowadays offer three or more variations when it comes to the number of strands.

The Loops

If you are someone who is really enthusiastic about archery, then you know how important it is to get your hands on a string that has the ideal style of loops. For instance, getting a string that features an endless loop end will make it easier for you to set up.


The material used will have a big hand it determining how durable the strings are going to be. Moreover, the material will also play a big role in shaping how powerful and consistent your shots will be.

As a result, we suggest material such as Dacron, Dyneema, or bonded polyester for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions For Bow Strings

Q: How can I make my strings last longer?

Ans: To create a durable lifeline for your strings, we will suggest you to occasionally wax it for maintenance.

Q: Is it normal to wax the serving material of the bowstring?

Ans: There is no need to wax any area other than the ones that are prone to extreme wear out. Other areas, such as the serving material does require lubrication, but not waxing.

Q: Will twisting help to reduce creeping?

Twisting may help to reduce the creep that has taken place, but it will not help to stop or preventing creeping. Materials made out of polyethylene fibers have the tendency to creep up under high tension or temperature.

Q: How often do I need to replace my strings?

Ans: How frequently you will need to replace your strings will depend on how much you use it and whether you take care of it or not. Generally, a good string should be of service to you for at least two years.

Ans: How can I regulate the draw weight of my bow?

Ans: To bring adjustments to the draw weight, you need to simply turn the limb bolt/tiller bolt in a clockwise direction if you want to increase the weight and anti-clockwise if you wish to decrease the weight. But, keep in mind to always adjust the top and bottom bolts equally.


Your bow is completely useless without bow strings. So, it is your duty to carefully search and find the best bow strings for your bow.

If you are not careful enough, the chances are that you may end up with strings that won't deliver you with consistent shots, or won’t be strong enough to handle the weight you expose it to.

We hope that our careful evaluation of the top bowstrings will help to make the selection process easier for you. Best of luck with your purchase!

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