Best Choke For Duck Hunting | Top 6 Picks in 2021

Best Choke For Duck HuntingThere are some crucial things that you must understand for hunting ducks successfully. If you are using a shotgun, getting the best choke for duck hunting is of vital importance for proper aiming.

First of all, the gun itself must be in good shape – that’s a no brainer. But if your choke isn’t just as equally powerful, then the metal pellets will not reach a considerable distance.

There are chokes of many different styles, and they enhance your shooting by varying degrees.

We have a list of all the good chokes available in the market, and they come with specific features for specific instances.

Read carefully to learn about them in detail before you buy one.

1. Carlson's 07119 Waterfowl Choke Set

Highlighted Features

  • Has tubes for practice, learning and on-field hunting
  • All chokes are labeled properly to prevent confusion
  • Comes in a small plastic case that keeps them all in one place
  • Parallel cylindrical section is 25% longer - this helps the tubes to create consistent patterns every time
  • Each of the choke tubes has some knurling at the end that helps them to get a stronger grip
  • Contains three choke tubes - for targets that are close, mid-range and far away

Carlson's Choke Tubes 07119 Carlsons, Waterfowl Choke SetIn this set, you are going to get three different types of chokes. They differ by the range, and you will be able to use each in different situations as they benefit the proportionate distance and size of your targets.

There is a tube for close-range shooting, one for mid-level shooting, and then one for long-range shooting.

With the close-range one, you can practice shooting by using decoys. Keep them within the range of 35 yards and fire shots to study the target patterns that are formed – in this way, you can achieve a good idea of the load and range combination, and this will further help you make good calculations for the field.

Then, with the mid-range tube, you will be able to hit targets that are close and far – the range here is 25 to 40 yards. These tubes have a constriction that is a bit tighter than close-range shots, and they will pretty much guarantee your chances of killing your bird without causing any damage to the meat.

Last but not least, there is a long-range tube. This tube can form patterns at the most optimum density – it has a tight constriction that takes the pellets straight out to the bird even if it is more than 40 yards away.

One design aspect that is common for all the choke tubes in this set is the knurling pattern at the ends of each tube. This pattern helps them to have a stronger grip on the target, and thus ensures the death of the birds instantly.

It is this feature that makes these the best shotgun chokes you could get at this price.

2. Carlson's 12 Gauge Waterfowl Choke Tube

Highlighted Features

  • Works well with steel shots of all sizes
  • Specifically made to sync up with the Black Cloud Ammo
  • Titanium coating on the choke results in the minimum build-up
  • Has mid-range constriction that is good for close and distant targets alike
  • The diameter of 0.705 ensures that the pattern density is consistent with all shots

Carlson's Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Mobil 12 Gauge Black Cloud Waterfowl Choke TubeOnly a singular piece of this choke comes in the package, but that’s enough for killing ducks at nearly all estimable ranges. The choke has a mid-range constriction, which makes it best for killing ducks that are both near and far away from you.

If you are a beginner and are nervous about selecting a choke, we would recommend you to get this as you’ll be able to practice with this. Keep a piece of paper at a distance of 40 yards, and start practicing -you’ll be able to level up your hunting skills to the necessary degree in no time!

This choke for duck hunting benelli has a diameter of 0.705, and it will deliver consistent shot patterns without wasting ammo on a wider spread.

The Black Cloud ammo has a specially designed Flite Control Wad in place, which would not hold regular tubes securely in place. However, this choke has been made to sync up with that design owing to the titanium coating that it has on top. The titanium helps to keep the choke build-up to the minimum, and this, in turn, causes the stopper to send out shots by accurate timing and thus increasing your probability of catching a target to a great extent.

3. Carlson's Remington Waterfowl Choke Tube

Highlighted Features

  • The diameter of 0.715 ensures that the spreading of the shots is quite dense
  • Has a mid-level constriction, which is the most flexible type of choke to work with
  • The long parallel section works well with the constriction level to send stabilized shots to the target
  • Heat-treated stainless steel was used in order to make the tubes resilient
  • Features the patented TST in the tapered section of the tubes for smoother transitions 

Carlson's Choke Tube Remington 12 Ga Cremator Ported Waterfowl Choke TubeIf you have a Remington weapon, you can use this choke, and if not, don’t buy it because the threads won’t line up correctly.

The choke has a mid-level constriction, and a diameter of 0.715 – with this you can expect to shoot any target that is not beyond 40 yards.

The shot patterns are consistent, and they spread out quite densely. The density and the speed of the shots ensure that your target does not suffer any damage even if you shoot from a close distance.

Another thing that will affect the performance of the shots is the parallel section of the tube – it is larger by 25%, and owing to the mid-range constriction of the tube, this percentage allows the pellets to stabilize themselves after being shot through.

The installation of the choke is very simple, and it features wrench-free maneuvering. You can quickly remove the tube after use. The stainless steel used in the construction has been specially heat-treated to ensure that the muzzle does not get damaged while the tube is removed.

The feature that stands out about these chokes, however, is the triple-shot mechanism patented by Carlson. This TST refers to the three circular bands at the tapered ends of the tubes – these bands reduce the muzzle recoil and allow a smoother transition of the pellets from the bore to the tube.

4. Patternmaster Code Black Duck Choke Tubes

Highlighted Features

  • Very versatile, fast and strong
  • made with aircraft-grade stainless steel
  • Surface coated with titanium to prevent choke disintegration in the barrel
  • Has the patented ring design that controls the spread of the shots and sends them to the target upon an accurate trajectory
  • Behaves like a full-length choke with shells lower than 3 inches and like a modified choke with shells above 3 inches

Patternmaster Code Black Duck Choke TubesIf you want versatility, then go with this choke – it’s the best patternmaster choke for ducks, and it will give you the highest level of performance. It’s a single tube but quite fully packed with power and proportional advantages.

Small or big, far or near – conquer all the birds by fitting your shotgun with this golden colored gem of a choke.

This choke has a patented stud band – the band lies near the tapered end, and it stabilizes the pellets as they travel from the bore to the choke. This stabilized trajectory of movement helps them to reach their target without much of a spread. As a result, the impact is quite strong and results in more successful hits over time.

When you are shooting with shells that are from 2/3/4 to 3 inches, this choke will behave like a full-length choke. And when you are using shells that are about 3.5 inches, then the choke will suit itself to the measurement and act like a modified choke.

The chokes are not made with regular stainless steel, but with a special 17/4 aircraft standard stainless steel that has been heat-treated and then coated with titanium on top. If you are looking for a resilient and effective choke tube beyond all measure, then this is the best buy.

5. MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl 12 Gauge Choke Tube

Highlighted Features

  • Makes consistent shot patterns
  • Does not cause the target to become a mess
  • Portless choke tube that delivers shots very fast
  • Works with all types of pellets - lead, steel, buckshot, etc  
  • Made with 17-4ph grade stainless steel that has superior strength

MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl 12 Gauge Choke TubeOne of the deciding factors for a shotgun success in hunting waterfowls is the accuracy with which it can send out its pellets to the target. Chokes play a key role in this, and with this custom 12 gauge tube, you can expect to get the best value of both your time and efforts.

You will get only one choke in the box, but it is quite an all-rounder. It will work with pellets made of lead and steel and even retain the power of its performance with pellets that are heavier than lead. If you work with a buckshot, then this choke will work them too!

They are designed to create consistent patterns and shoot with accuracy. The body of this choke has been made with a 17-4 stainless steel, which is quite hard and very resistant to corrosion.

When you need to change these chokes, you can do so without any tools. They have some knurling at the ends that you can get a grip on and thread out quite quickly.

6. Hevi-Shot 12-Gauge Extended Range Waterfowl Benelli/Beretta Choke Tube

Highlighted Features

  • Features internal axial bands to stabilize the pellets
  • Made of stainless steel which is strong and resilient
  • Has a knurled end that hooks on to the targets more firmly
  • Comes with ports and properly handles pressure at the muzzle
  • Requires mobile chokes but works best with specific shotguns

Hevi-Shot 12-Gauge Extended Range Waterfowl Benelli-Beretta Choke TubeThis choke tube will only work with two thread styles – Benelli and Beretta mobilchoke. It is made of regular stainless steel, it has a 12-gauge, and it can kill any bird at mid-range.

You can use three types of pellets with this – lead, copper-plated lead, and special hevi-shot pellets.  So, if you are planning to use steel pellets, then this is not the choke to look at.

There are some axial rings on the inside of the cylinder, and these rings allow the pellets to stay in place. The result of this is that your shots stay better aligned in the bore, and the propulsion causes it to shoot out without losing any force at trajection.

These chokes will yield to the best of their abilities if you use with them a Benelli M4, Nova, or an M1 Super 90. the end of these chokes are knurled – this gives you a tougher grip on them. It also allows you to get a good grip on this when you are changing the tube, thus making installation a quick process.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Duck Hunting Choke Tube

Know chokes before you buy yours. Your shotgun, range of shots, shooting style, and targets are all unique to you - so you must be able to judge the chokes all by yourself.

Pay heed to the specifics, and you'll be able to get a choke that doesn't fail you.

Constriction Level 

In this context, constriction is the factor that will determine how far your shots reach.

If you are going to hunt in small areas, you want your pellets to spread out more on average speed - this will increase your chances of hitting the target. For this purpose, chokes with bigger constrictions will serve well.

On the other hand, if you are shooting in large open areas, you want your pellets to shoot out very fast without losing any of its initial energy. In this case, you need to get a choke that has a smaller constriction, as this will ensure that your pellet travels with the full force of the trigger.

Hunting Ground

Are you going to hunt in wide areas or in tight corners? This is an important distinction to make before setting out to buy the choke. You base the preference of the constriction of your choke upon the type of areas where you want to hunt the most in.

Type of Choke Tubes

Not all chokes are for hunting ducks, so know your categories.

Full-Length Chokes:  A full-length choke will travel within a range of 40 to 50 yards approximately. With this type of choke, you can easily increase the range of your shots by using constriction tubes that are tighter. These chokes will distribute about 70% of the gun's pellets.

Oh, and remember that you can't use full chokes with a steel shot because that combination will damage the meat of the bird.

Modified Chokes: You use these modified chokes when you are not sure about how far your target will be. It is intended for the use of hunters who don't plan so meticulously; thus, this is ideal for beginners as well. 

The estimated range of these chokes is a range of 30 to 40 yards, and the constriction of these chokes is less tight than that of full chokes. These chokes will distribute 60% of the gun’s pellets.

Improved Cylinder Chokes: These are for targets that are quite close to you. It has less constriction than the full length and modified chokes. These chokes will disperse about 50% of the pellets under the range of 40 yards.

FAQs About Duck Hunting Choke 

1. What to do to get my gun to disperse shots more densely at close range?

Well, you have to use chokes with tighter constriction tubes. Go for full or extra-full chokes.

2. Can I use extremely tight constriction tubes for extremely dense shots?

No. Everything has a performance limit - if your tubes are too tight, their performance will not be at the optimum level. In fact, there will be an adverse effect that you wouldn't like. So keep constriction within their suggested limit.

3. How can I know that my choke and load combination is proper?

You have to test it out on a piece of paper - check out the shot dispersion pattern formed, and then you’ll know if that’s suitable for the range.

4. Can I use steel and lead shots interchangeably?

No, they will have different pattern densities from different ranges.

5. What if I use incorrect chokes?

If your choke measures are not accurate, then you won't get a lot of success. You will either be missing a lot by putting out weak shots, or you'll be damaging the meat of the bird with destructive shots.


Well, that's it for now. Hope this article was able to properly explain the importance of the right choke to you. If you have found the best choke for duck hunting of your choice, then good ahead and get it! In case you haven't, we think the Patternmaster Code Black Duck Choke Tubes will be a good one to get started with.

And after you buy the choke, get down to practice with it. Hope you have loads of success!