Best Hunting Blind Chair Reviews | Top 10 Picks in 2021

Best Hunting Blind ChairsHunting is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities. When not done properly, though, having a good experience is difficult.

And doing it properly is impossible unless you have the right gear. Of those, hunting chairs play an important part.

You’ve probably done it: during a long hunt, you’ve made makeshift seats out of all manner of things, like large rocks and fallen logs. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also a contributor to bad back health.

There’s no need to continue torturing your butt and your back. For your consideration, today, we’ve put together a list of the best hunting blind chairs currently available, along with a guide to help you with your purchase.

Let’s get started!

Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting ChairWe’re starting off our reviews with a hunting chair with a full backrest for those who prioritize full back support while hunting. There are many things to love about this chair, mainly its portability and lightweight build, but also the comfort it provides. Let’s look at some more details.

First off, let’s discuss the adjustable legs. For those who are used to hunting on uneven terrain, then you know that can sometimes pose a significant obstacle in finding your target. With this chair, you can set it up according to your specific preferences for comfort and shooting height. Not just that—the height of the legs is also adjustable.

The height of the seat itself can also be adjusted between 18 and 23 inches. And no matter what height you set your chair to, the backrest ensures that your head will be adequately supported in any situation.

Adding to the adjustability factor is this chair’s swiveling capabilities. This will, of course, allow you to adjust your view according to the needs of the situation. Furthermore, the chair is pre-drilled to accommodate your rifle or bow should you choose to rest it.

Overall, in our opinion, the best ground blind chairs are the ones that offer the most flexibility, and this one definitely fits that criteria.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers great portability due to foldable design
  • Made from high-quality durable aluminum
  • Adjustable legs allow increased comfort
  • Lightweight body for increased portability
  • Ideal for hunters on the larger side
  • Features a noiseless swiveling seat

Browning Camping Strutter Hunting ChairThe Browning Strutter Hunting Chair is a low-level, lightweight, and foldable chair at a great price. Especially if you’re mostly interested in hunting turkeys or other ground birds, then you’ll be able to appreciate the features of this chair.

The low-profile design of this thing is what enables it to keep you out of sight of your ground-bird or flying-bird target. Plus, since it comes in the camo shades Mossy Oak Break-up Country and Realtree Edge, that’s added cover against being spotted when you’re in the wild.

We also love the foldability of this chair. Despite the sturdy powder-coated steel frame, the chair is also lightweight enough that it will fit into the included padded shoulder-carrying strap to let you carry the thing around wherever you’re going. The carry bag measures 8″ x 28″.

And speaking of convenience, the feet on the chair’s bottom are all rotational. That’s a huge plus if you are going to be hunting on uneven or unpredictable terrain. Adjustability is really where it’s at with this chair.

Furthermore, the chair’s arms and reclined backrest ensure your comfort. You don’t have to worry about your body going stiff from sitting down too long. And that’s true even if you’re a hunter on the larger side in terms of bodyweight—this thing can accommodate weights of up to 300 pounds.

On the whole, there’s very little we don’t like about this chair. However, if you’re someone who prioritizes a place to hang up his/her gun or bow, then you might want to skip this chair.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an impressive weight capacity—up to 300 pounds
  • The camo print will help you blend in
  • Fully foldable and lightweight for portability
  • Comes in various sizes to fit your needs
  • Dries quickly after exposure to water or moisture

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind ChairFor those of you who are acquainted with the market of outdoor sports products, you will agree that a list about the finest ground blind chairs is not only incomplete but nearly inconceivable without ALPS getting a mention. This is exactly the kind of chair that you should be bringing along for any hunting expedition.

Why? Users of this chair all over have lauded it for both its comfortability and performance, and it’s easy to see why: it fits most of the important criteria for a good deer blind chair. The build of this chair is decidedly sturdy, thanks to the durable steel construction, and because of the powder coating, you can also expect this chair to be resistant to abrasion and rust.

And speaking of durability, we also particularly appreciate the material used in making the seat.

TechMesh is a hard-wearing, breathable, and tear-resistant material that will recover quickly from any encounters with water. Furthermore, it’s super easy to clean. What’s more, you can also separately purchase an insulated cover for your Stealth Hunter if you want to keep it extra-protected.

Now let’s talk about the chair’s performance in terms of comfort. First and foremost, both the height of the chair and the height of the legs are fully adjustable, which shows that the manufacturers care about your need for flexibility; and you can use this chair even when you’re not hunting, just to relax.

The flat-bottomed feet on this chair are something else we really like about it. Not only do they add to the overall stability of the chair, but they also ensure that you can sit comfortably on soft ground without having your weight sink the chair.

Highlighted Features

  • Seat height is fully adjustable
  • Features removable and adjustable armrests
  • Has 360° swiveling capabilities
  • Seat made from durable TechMesh material
  • Comes with large foot pads that prevent sinking

REDNEK Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting ChairThis chair from Rednek is known for being one of the smallest and most portable options in the market for hunting chairs. With convenient adjustability, reliable comfort and stability and convenience, this is a chair that will definitely enhance your hunting blind experience.

There’s a good reason why we say so. On the open field, you can sometimes end up spending hours waiting for your game to show up. Therefore, comfort is a priority for many enthusiasts of blind hunting, and it seems Rednek has taken that into a special account. The high-density foam seat and backrest are guaranteed to keep your butt and back from getting stiff and ruining your concentration.

The legs on this uniquely built chair are also adjustable for height, allowing you to set up in accordance with the terrain of your blind ground. Add to that the self-leveling feet and concerns about stability will be a thing of the past. Furthermore, the seat swivels 180° for your convenience; and it does so without making a single sound.

Another marker of a great hunting chair is portability, and this chair certainly has that. You can collapse it quickly and easily within seconds when you need to carry it back to your car after a successful hunting session. However, there are reports that this thing is a little on the heavier side. Still, we would say that given the features you’re getting at a mid-level price, that’s not a huge drawback.

Highlighted Features

  • Keeps noise levels to a minimum when swiveling
  • Can swivel 180° to give you a better view
  • Can be collapsed quickly and easily for portability
  • Easily lockable position for stability
  • Extremely sturdy premium steel construction

Primos Double Bull Tri StoolJust like any respectable review list for hunting chairs, of course, ours also includes a stool. Not everyone is looking for a chair; more importantly, stools tend to provide greater stability on uneven terrain, along with increased portability.

So why did we choose to review this stool from Primos?

First of all, it’s extremely lightweight, weighing only 6.5 pounds. When you consider the fact that it’s also very easily collapsible, you’ll be able to appreciate this stool’s overall portability. Plus, not only is it lightweight, but it also comes with a locking hook and carrying strap that will hold the stool’s legs together.

Despite its lightweight and being easy to carry, this stool is also super sturdy, thanks to the sturdy steel construction. But that doesn’t mean the stool isn’t also comfortable; your butt and back will be kept comfortable thanks to the generously padded backrest.

Furthermore, this stool has been designed such that it eliminates the possibility of inadequate blood flow to the legs, which is the main culprit of your legs getting stiff while waiting for the game.

Undoubtedly one of the most appealing factors about this stool, though, is its price. It’s undoubtedly one of the more affordable options for hunting stools on the market, which seems almost unbelievable, given the amazing features you’re getting with it.

Do note, however, that some users report this stool to be a little noisy. While that can definitely be a drawback, adding a little extra padding or lubrication can make this stool worth buying, given its beneficial features.

Highlighted Features

  • Supremely portable and easy to set up
  • Weighs only 6.5 pounds and is easy to carry
  • Comes in two attractive camo color options
  • The triangular shape adds maneuverability
  • Can accommodate weight up to 300 pounds

Wise Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat with Insulated CoolerChairs like the one you’re about to read of are really the true testament to how far the market for hunting equipment has come. Because this is not just a hunting chair, it also doubles as an ultra-convenient cooler.

Yep, convenience seems to be the name of the game with this chair. Its sturdy and well-built construction is easy to rely on, while the swiveling capability is convenient and noise-cancelling. Not only that, the plastic seat is also foldable for added ease of use.

Speaking of the seat, the 1-inch thick padding is made from super comfortable foam, while the backrest is bound to keep your back from getting stiff while you wait for your game to come into your sight.

Undoubtedly the best thing about this chair, though, is the cooler. Made from insulated foam, it will allow you to store food and drinks without worrying about spoiling them, which makes this chair an ideal companion for camping trips as well.

On the other hand, you can also choose to remove the cooler insert in order to make space for other hunting implements, be it apparel, shoes, or weapon accessories. No matter what you put into this thing, carrying it around is still going to be a breeze, thankto the convenient back straps.

Honestly, there is very little we can complain about in regards to this seat, except maybe the price, which might be a little high for some. Still, when you consider the host of great features this chair offers, along with its certified durability, we think it’s definitely worth the investment.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an insulated foam cooler
  • Features a heavy-duty 10-gallon plastic bucket
  • Has 1-inch thick premium foam padding
  • Sturdy but comfortable seat cushion
  • Comes with a convenient carrying strap

RIO Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with CoolerThe next chair we’re going to review is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones we’ve found—let’s find out why.

With its sturdy aluminum frame, this chair can accommodate a maximum of 240 pounds of body weight in 5 different reclining positions (which it does with the help of the incline support bar). The cushioned headrest pillow and armrests are bound to make you feel like you’re living in luxury no matter where you set up this chair.

This chair also adds to your comfort by offering supreme breathability. Days on the blind ground can get hot and sweaty for sure; a chair with a good-quality Textilene mesh back like this one can sometimes be the only thing keeping your body from overheating. Plus, the mesh also contours easily to your body, keeping you comfortable for longer.

The manufacturers have also kept convenience in mind; with 2 separate pouches for all your storage needs, you can have all your essentials close at hand whenever you need them. Let’s not forget that one of them is an insulated cooler, so bring along your snacks and drinks without worrying that they will lose their temperature or go bad.

Then when it’s time for your hunting expedition to come to a close, you can easily fold this thing into a backpack-like compression and carry it home. This is made easy thanks to the added shoulder straps, which are also padded and adjustable.

The only drawback seems to be the price, which is admittedly a little high. However, remember that with hunting chairs, you always get what you pay for. What’s a little extra money if it means added comfort?

Highlighted Features

  • Available in attractive blue and orange color options
  • Mesh backing makes the chair breathable
  • Can be adjusted into 5 reclining positions
  • Comes with an insulated cooler and dry storage pouch
  • Can accommodate up to 240 pounds of weight

Benchmaster - Shooting & Hunting ChairFor many, it’s essential that the hunting chair they choose not only allows them freedom of movement but actually makes it easier to shoot game in the way it’s built. For those of you who match this description, we’ve chosen this “sniper seat” from BenchMaster.

Comfort and convenience seem to be the main points of interest for the manufacturers of this chair. The backrest, seat, and armrests are all made of comfortable foam padding, and the chair can be swiveled 360 degrees. Not only that, the seat and backrest along with the legs are fully adjustable, which ensures that your specific needs are met.

Speaking of convenience, carrying this thing around is also pretty easy, thanks to the backpack straps. However, do note that this chair is relatively a little heavier; at 25 pounds, carrying it can be a little difficult for those with smaller frames.

Nevertheless, this product is super durable, which is an important consideration when buying a hunting chair. The frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel that will accommodate most weights.

For your convenience, you can also remove the solid footplates. Additionally, the seating has been made with all-purpose Cordura webbing, which makes it weatherproof to an extent.

Our favorite feature though, is the gun mount, which can be a huge plus while on the blind ground, helping you land your game that much more easily. Plus, the chair is also compatible with a camera mount if you’re someone who likes documenting your hunts.

On the whole, this chair offers not only comfort and convenience but also works as an assistant for your hunt.

Highlighted Features

  • Can noiselessly rotate a full 360° to give you a better view
  • Swivels without making any noise
  • Comes with a convenient adjustable rifle holder
  • Has fully adjustable legs for ease of use
  • Sturdy and durable steel construction

Browning Camping Strutter Hunting ChairThere’s no reason why you should have to compromise on your comfort just because you’re outdoors, and this chair is proof of that. We love this chair because of its ability to put you at ease on the hunting ground and let you land your kill better, and do so without burning a hole in your pocket.

This dove shooting chair is great in so many ways. The first thing we want to discuss is the extra-wide seat, which is bound to keep your bottom feeling rested and secure for longer. Furthermore, the insulated cooler under the seat allows you to store your food and drinks for a long stakeout.

And transporting this chair is a walk in the park. Despite its sturdy steel construction, it weighs only 8 pounds and is foldable. Add to this the convenient shoulder straps, which increase the chair’s portability significantly.

But don’t be fooled by how lightweight and portable this thing is, because it can still bear up to 275 pounds of weight, and it can do so without compromising your comfort, thanks to the wide backrest and seat.

Oh, and, we nearly forgot to mention the incredibly convenient mesh pockets that come with the cooler. Not only will they allow you to keep your hands free, but your essentials will also be available closely on hand whenever you need them.

Do note that durability might be a concern; however, when you consider the slew of features this chair offers at such an amazing price, you’ll be hard-pressed to deny that it’s a great deal.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a 22-inch backrest for added back support
  • Comes with an insulated cooler for storing up to 6 16oz bottles
  • Features mesh storage pockets for your essentials
  • Extremely lightweight and supremely portable
  • Durable and enduring powder-coated steel frame

Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair, BlackWe’re ending our list of reviews with a great swivel hunting chair at a nearly unbeatable price. This sturdy, convenient, and comfortable chair from Guide Gear is bound to catch your attention. Let’s look at the features that make us believe so.

The thick 2.25-inch seat cushion and backrest are padded for your comfort to allow you to wait out the arrival of your game with stress-free ease. And if you think you can hear a rustling while you’re waiting, you can do a full, noiseless, and undetectable 360 degree turn to get a better look at your surroundings.

The construction of the chair is of powder-coated tubular steel, which despite its sturdiness and ability to accommodate heavy sitters (up to 300 pounds), is still super lightweight at only 11 pounds. So when you want to call it a day and head home, doing so will be doubly easy thanks to the folding legs.

The seat is made from 300-denier fabric that comes with a polyurethane coating that ensures it’s resistant to tearing and abrasion. Despite the low price you’re paying, therefore, durability does not seem to be a concern.

Sure, you’re not getting a host of fancy features like you would expect from a more expensive hunting chair, but when it comes down to it, you want to be unburdened and free while hunting. More importantly, think of all the money you’ll be saving and get this chair!

Highlighted Features

  • Has a padded cushioning backrest for added comfort
  • The seat material is covered with a polyurethane coating for protection
  • Oversized seat ensures your bottom won't get stiff
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Extremely lightweight with convenient carry straps

Why Get a Hunting Blind Chair?

You might be wondering, “Why should I get a hunting chair?” It’s not like you can’t work without one. You’re not wrong, but you should still consider some of the beneficial factors. Here they are.

Ensures Your Comfort

It’s impossible to know just how long a hunting expedition will take. It might be over in half an hour, or it might take the whole day—the right conditions for landing your kill can be quite difficult to come by.

And in those situations, it’s unrealistic to expect your body to continue standing without getting tired, and the same is true for your mind. And let’s face it, it’s not feasible to sit for hours on an uncomfortable log or rock, either.

The solution? A hunting chair, of course, that will prevent you from getting tired and giving up on your hunt.

Camouflaging Properties

Most hunting chairs will come in camo colors, e.g., Realtree Edge. Just like your other hunting apparel and gear, if your chair also has a camo print, that undoubtedly makes it easier to carry out your hunt without being spotted.

The right chair will conceal you adequately, and therefore give you time to set up your bow or rifle.

Allows Better Positioning

It’s a no-brainer that accurate positioning is of the utmost importance when hunting. A hunting chair allows you to lock onto your target much more efficiently, especially because you’re not dealing with a stiff posture while doing so.

Staying relaxed, and keeping a steady hand, are crucial to the hunting process. A hunting chair can give you these benefits simply by keeping you at ease; however, several chairs also come with additional features like gun holders and no-noise swiveling capabilities, which can make it easier to perform a perfectly timed shot undetected by your prey.

The positioning is an important consideration also in the context of your safety. No one likes tripping and falling, especially in the often uneven terrain of hunting grounds, and especially in the dark.

Buying Guide for Hunting Blind Chair

As you may have already seen, the best hunting chairs have all sorts of specifications. It can be confusing to choose just one, so below, we have detailed a rundown of the factors that will hopefully make your decision easier.

Chair Build

The quality of your chair’s build should probably be your top concern when deciding whether the chair is worth your money. In other words, consider the materials used in constructing the chair.

First, consider the chair’s frame. It must be made from durable material so as to be able to accommodate your weight for long periods of time without giving out. Aluminum is a popular choice because it is sturdy and rust-resistant. Furthermore, it can distribute your weight more evenly in comparison to other materials, like plastic.

Seat Material

The material used for the seat is another consideration. It’s best to avoid chairs with thin seats; they will tear more quickly the longer you sit on them. Thicker seats will not only be more durable, but also more comfortable. A good choice for seat material is coated nylon.

Sometimes the game you’re seeking will be situated in damp, cold, and wet areas. In those situations, you obviously need a chair that will be resistant to water and moisture.

For that, chairs with closed-cell foam padding are a good choice. However, if you’re going to be hunting in dry areas, you can consider skipping water-resistant chairs as they do tend to cost a little bit more.


How comfortable your hunting chair is will be determined to a great extent by the level of adjustability it offers you. Can the height be adjusted according to your needs? Does it have a recline-able backrest? These are questions you should seek answers for.

Additionally, also consider the terrain of your hunting grounds. If you’re hunting on flatlands, you can get away with buying a chair that offers little leg support. On the other hand, some chairs have legs that are individually adjustable. These can undoubtedly come in handy if you’re hunting on uneven grounds.


Hunting chairs can come in many different styles. L-shaped versions are popular for those who don’t want to spend too much time setting up the chair. They also require low levels of maintenance. However, note that they’re not as steady as chairs in other styles.

Then there are bucket-style hunting chairs. These offer the highest level of portability, as they can be folded easily, and are quite lightweight. Setting them up is easy, as they come with poles comparable to tent poles.

Or you could consider skipping chairs entirely and getting a stool instead. They usually have just one pole and three legs; that makes them smaller, lighter, and more compact, offering great portability. Stools are a great option if you’ll be hunting mostly on uneven terrain.


Whether or not your chair has the capability to swivel should also inform your decision. Swivel chairs can be the ideal choice for blind shooting because they allow you a proper 360° view of the surrounding area.

However, swivel chairs do tend to be more expensive. Not only that, they are heavier and consequently less portable; furthermore, they are also much noisier compared to non-swivel chairs. Your specific hunting conditions should determine whether you need a swiveling chair.


This might not seem that important, but hear us out. If you hunt mostly in densely wooded areas, then you know the importance of blending into the background. In such a case, you should definitely opt to buy a chair with a camouflage print. Even if you don’t, then it’s best to stick to chairs in neutral colors like beige and grey.


Finally, we discuss undoubtedly one of the top concerns: cost. Just like any other product, hunting chairs can vary greatly in price. They come in all shapes and sizes, and offer a variety of features; all of this determines the price.

Think about what features you prioritize in your hunting chair. Does it have a camouflage print? Is it noisy? How adjustable is it? What is it made of? The more expectations you have from your chair, the more it will most likely set you back. So if you have a smaller budget, you’re better off with a chair without a host of extra features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use a hunting chair?

Ans: There are many good reasons. First and foremost, they allow you to hunt uninterrupted for longer and more comfortably. They offer you additional camouflage and give you more flexibility while hunting.

Q: Is it absolutely necessary for the chair to have adjustable legs?

Ans: The answer to that depends on the kind of terrain you will be hunting on. If it's uneven terrain, then adjustable legs will obviously come in handy. But if you're hunting on flat land, you don't really have to worry about adjustability as much.

Q: Should I get a chair with a swivel or without?

Ans: Swiveling chairs provide the benefit of giving you a wider view of the surroundings. However, they can be noisy; moreover, they're more expensive.

Q: What extra features can a hunting chair have?

Ans: Chairs with adjustable armrests are a popular choice. Additionally, they may come with a gun holder or pockets for storing other necessities like binoculars. Such chairs offer lower portability due to increased weight.

Q: What is the best portable hunting chair?

Ans: Our top pick for portability is undoubtedly the Primos Double Stool. It's fully collapsible and only weighs only 7 pounds.


Our top pick for the best hunting blind chair is undoubtedly the Millennium Treestands G100: it combines durability, portability and convenience.

However, it might be a little expensive for some, in which case we recommend the Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair, or the Primos Double Bull Tri Stool.

And if our recommendations don't appeal to you, you can always refer to our buying guide. Good luck, and may you always land your kill!