5 Best Single Speed Conversion Kit Reviews | Top Picks of 2022

Best Single Speed Conversion Kit ReviewsWhy in the world would you want a single speed bike when you can have the amazing technology of multi-speed bikes? Well, for some people, efficiency wins the race – but those who cycle for the sheer freedom of cycling will need more than that.

With a single speed kit, you’ll feel the joy of cycling anew – that cherished feeling of flying away that every cyclist loves so much.

If that sounds like your thing, take a look at our options to find the best single speed conversion kit for your two-wheeler.

With this, there won’t be any hassle of shifting gears. Instead, you can take your time to watch the road and let your mind wander as you cycle.

1. CyclingDeal Conversion Kit Fixie Bike Single Speed Compatible with Shimano Adaptor

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with cassette hubs of speeds 7 to 11
  • Several sprocket teeth selections to choose from
  • Made with the lightweight and strong Chromoly steel
  • Lockring, spacers, sprocket - everything comes in the kit

CyclingDeal Conversion Kit Fixie Bike Single Speed Compatible with Shimano AdaptorIf you have a Shimano cassette adapter, it’ll be a breeze for you to convert your multi-speed hub into a single speed wheel with this sprocket.

This sprocket is suitable for chains that are in the range of 7 to 11 speeds. As long as your bike has a chain of this range, you can use the original chain to install the kit so that your freewheel hub remains freewheel and doesn’t get converted into a fix-wheel ride.

There are a number of different teeth selections on the sprocket for you to choose from.

So, it won’t be a difficult hassle for you to set up your bike with the perfect pedaling ratio with it.

The kit will make your bike ready for level grounds of the street, and also for the uneven sloping of mountainous ranges. 

Inside it, you will find everything necessary for you to get a perfect chain line on your bike. There is a lockring, some single speed spacers, and then, of course, the sprocket.

Setting this up is just like setting up any other sprocket – you won’t have a problem if you have done it before.

And you don’t have to worry about any rough handling because all the tools here are made with Chromoly steel – a lightweight and strong alloy for perfect lightweight construction with a good responsive quality that makes it perfect for bikes.

2. Origin8 Single Speed Conversion Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Made with the strong and smooth anodized 6061 alloy
  • 8 spacers of different sizes that helps to adjust the chain
  • Includes conical spacers that reduce the stiffness of the cog by a huge extent
  • Affordable and easy solution for converting a cassette hub into a single-speed one

Origin8 Single Speed Conversion KitWith this push-down tensioner, you can quickly convert the cassette hub in your cycle into a single speed freewheel system. The kit is fit for any models of Shimano cassette body – so that you can install it with the chain that you already have on your bike.

The chain tensioner has a push-down mechanism, which will adjust to the rising pressure on itself when you push it upwards. So, it lets you rotate the pedals of your bike and gives you a good amount of mobility without expending too much effort on it.

There are 8 different types of spacers in the kit. They are of varying sizes, which makes sure that you don’t have a problem adjusting the length of the chain line with it.

You will also find some of those highly sought-after conical spacers inside this – they look better, and they reduce cog stiffness by a huge amount. The cogs are 3/32 inches in size, and you really will feel the difference in your biking experience with these properly installed in place.

All the components are made with an anodized alloy that has a very smooth texture and a strong composition that resists breakage.

3. Origin8 HUB OR8 Single SPD KIT f/F-HUB ALY 09 RD

Highlighted Features

  • Built the high quality 6061 anodized alloy
  • 8 different spacers for increased grip and stability
  • Comes in black and red colors that highly complement the look of the bike
  • Can be used for most Shimano and Campagnolo cassette hubs easy conversion of cassette hubs to single speed hub

Origin8 HUB OR8 Single SPD KIT f/F-HUB ALY 09 RDThis kit is not only suitable for the Shimano cassette hub bodies, but also equally suitable for all styles of Campagnolo cassette bodies.

Even though the company claims that they fit all types of Shimano cassette hubs, in reality, there are some freehubs that it won’t be compatible with. However, if this is compatible with you, then you are lucky because this kit is a favorite among users.

On top of the great quality, it will also add to the appearance of your bike. It comes in two different colors- black and red. So, if you want to add a bit of color to your bike, then this will be a good choice of kit for you.

There are 8 kinds of spacers in the kit – they will help to widen the space between the suspension and braking components of your cycle so that they don’t easily wear each other out. They also add stability and grip to your biking experience and let you ride more effortlessly.

Among these  4 pairs, 1 pair of spacers is conical in shape – these are better at handling the stiffness that your cogs get while you’re riding, and they will certainly become your favorites in no time.

These might not be as inexpensive as you would expect a kit with only spacers to be, but they’re well worth the investment. These are high quality materials that prove the quality of their excellent construction over time and greatly increase biking satisfaction.

4. Gusset Double Six Single Speed Conversion

Highlighted Features

  • Made with the premium CrMo steel
  • Only compatible with Shimano freehubs
  • Includes the cogs, a lockring, and great quality spacers
  • Works even better than it looks with its machined black aluminum construction

Origin8 HUB OR8 Single SPD KIT fF-HUB ALY 09 RDThis is a premium quality kit that will deliver a high level of power on your bike without causing any damage under its powerful performance. It’s a complete kit that includes the spacers, the lockring, and cogs.

The spacers in the kit have been tapered with high precision so that they can provide a good amount of lateral support from all sides even when the load is high.

The teeth on the spacers are most compatible with a chain of 9 speed. However, they can also be used perfectly well with single speed chains of ⅛ inches in dimension.

It is recommended that you get a new chain for the installation of this kit because that will enhance the performance of these components to give you much smoother riding experience.

Unfortunately, this kit is not a good fit for any other freehubs except the Shimano HG.

5. GearClamp Single Speed Conversion Kit for Shimano/SRAM Freehub

Highlighted Features

  • Adds stability and grip
  • Suitable for all Shimano hubs
  • Cogs with a base 5 mm wide
  • Recommended that you use spacers between the cogs
  • Smoothly turns a multi-speed bike suitable for a single-speed mechanism.

GearClamp Single Speed Conversion Kit for Shimano or SRAM FreehubThis is a good kit for any kind of Shimano freehub you have. But it’s recommended that you install two of these cassette spacers to hold the clamp and the cog if you are using cogs of 15T or more. This will just make the cogs spacers more suitable to handle the tension and retain their quality for a longer time.

With these, you can easily turn your multi-speed efficiency-driven bike into a single speed fixed gear bike that adjusts to your level of comfort and gives you more stability when riding on plain ground and also when making fast turns around the corner.

These cogs have a base that’s 5mm wide – this is what’s responsible for the added stability that you’ll get from it.

You can install this onto your bike yourself, but you have to tighten the threads very firmly; otherwise, they’ll start to come loose during use. If you’re a hard rider, then put on bolts on both sides of the clamp to make the set up more secure.

There are bolts of 2.5 mm, which will make everything from trailsides to chain adjustments and gear swaps a lot more efficient for you.

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Buying Guide for Single Speed Conversion Kit

Without a buying guide, you won’t know what to look for when checking out a kit. So, let’s look at some of the factors that contribute to the performance of your conversion kit.

Brand Name

Unlike other products in the market, the brand really does matter when you are looking at single speed conversion kits for your bike.  A reputed brand will be more likely to make components that work without getting easily damaged by friction between the parts. They are also more likely to get the spacer's teeth selections right - so buy from a well-known brand.


You could get the best gear for your bike, but if it doesn't fit the model of your hub, then it will be of no practical use to you. Look at the specs of your bike and the conversion kit to check if they are an exact match.


Durability is of special importance when buying a speed conversion kit. If the components break off when you're on the road, then you'd have to drag the cycle all the way home. Check for the quality of materials - the main body of construction should be strong yet lightweight. Something that Chromoly steel would be perfect.

FAQs About Single Speed Conversion Kit

1. What is the most suitable gear ratio for a single speed bike?

Gear ratio is a measure of the number of teeth on a chair ring and those on the cog. A good ratio for this is 2:1.

2. What are the benefits of a single speed bike?

A single speed kit on your bike will make it an easier and a more pleasant ride. Your bike will also need comparatively lower maintenance because of a reduced number of moving parts rubbing against each other.

3. How do I know if my bike can be converted into a single speed one?

Most bikes can be converted from multi-speed to a single speed mechanism. You might only need to add a new chain to the set up for a smoother end result.

But other than that, buy any compatible conversion kit from the market, and you're good to go.

4. Is a single-speed bike the same as a fixed gear bike?

Yes, they are technically the same. But more precisely, a single gear bike is one that has a single gear ratio along with a freewheel system.

5. What makes single speed bikes so joyful?

There is low maintenance, for one. Another huge contributor to comfort is that the bike has fewer components, and so it's lightweight but still very stable. And this is what makes the ride feel so much better than a multi-speed bike. 


If you are a person who rides for the joy of riding, then you should definitely get yourself the best single speed conversion kit out there.

It will make you feel so much better when riding and also down the expenses of maintenance. If you're not on a single-speed bike, you might have speed, but you're missing out on comfort and effortless riding.