5 Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews 2021 | Latest Picks

Best Wireless Trail CamerasFor many modern hunters, a trail camera is a staple of their hunting equipment. On the flip side, some traditional hunters might not even know what it is!

If you identify with the latter group, a trail camera (also called a “game camera”) basically allows you to keep watch over your hunting grounds when you’re away from it.

Wireless trail cameras are activated when an in-built sensor detects movement. Then, using a cellular network (less commonly, Wi-Fi), the camera remotely sends the photos to the user.

But we won’t say more; our reviews below of the best wireless trail cameras speak will hopefully speak for themselves, along with the included buying guide we’ve put together for you.

Let’s get started!

1. Spartan AT&T LTE 4G GoCam Wireless Trail Camera

Highlighted Features

  • Captures photos and videos at up to 8MP of picture quality
  • Includes 32GB SD card for a reliable storage capability
  • Ready to use right out of the box with AT&T SIM included
  • Mounting options: tripod, Python lock, the mounting strap
  • Spartan portal app available for both Android and iOS

Spartan AT&T LTE 4G GoCam Wireless Trail CameraOur first pick is the highly-rated GoCam from Spartan. As you can tell from the title, this camera utilizes the AT&T cellular network, which enables it to take advantage of the 4G network.

So what can you expect from this trail camera? Because its trigger speed is only 0.6 seconds, this camera is able to capture images of the fastest of moving subjects, or videos of 30 seconds each, all at 8MP. You can also put it at a lower setting if you wish the photos and videos to take up less space; however, thanks to the included 32GB SD card, you most likely won’t have to.

Furthermore, high-quality low-visibility photos and videos are made possible thanks to the infrared LED array. Plus, each of the photos you take will have an included information strip, which will display the time, date, temperature, moon phase, and battery level.

For hunters, there are several options that can be availed when trying to mount this thing; you can choose from a mounting strap, tripod, or Python lock. Ideal choices for when you’re using this camera on the go!

You’re also going to love the fact that this camera is fully ready to use right out of the box, as the AT&T SIM card comes included. All you’ll have to do is insert the batteries (which are included, by the way), and your camera is ready to go. And of course, the camera is fully compatible with the Spartan web portal, with apps available for iOS and Android.

2. TOGUARD WiFi Trail Camera

Highlighted Features

  • Takes high-quality photos in 20MP and videos in 1296P
  • 65 feet triggering distance with a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds
  • Produces black and white night-vision images
  • Is almost fully waterproof for rainy-day hunting expeditions
  • Time and date, temperature, and moon phase are displayed on each photo

TOGUARD WiFi Trail CameraOur next pick is for a wireless trail camera that utilizes Wi-Fi instead of a cellular network. It is operated with the help of a convenient and user-friendly app, which you will have to install on your smartphone.

Why we love this TOGUARD camera, though, has much to do with the specs it can offer. With the ability to capture 20MP photos and 1296P video, the image quality you will enjoy from this camera is top-of-the-line. And of course, night vision is also included; there would be n point otherwise!

As you can see, the technical specs associated with this camera go above and beyond from what you can expect from that of cellular-operated cameras. But it doesn’t stop there: the trigger speed of this camera is 0.3 seconds; whether you’re tracking game or property intruders, this camera will be the perfect guide.

You can make use of the built-in Wi-Fi to access the photos and videos taken by the camera. However, keep in mind that the Wi-Fi connectivity range for this phone is 65 feet; accordingly, long-range hunting expeditions might be difficult.

All the same, this is a feature-heavy trail camera that is available at a nearly unbelievable price, especially when compared to the vast majority of cellular-operated cameras. Definitely worth the money, if you ask us! However, remember that the SD card is not included, so it must be purchased separately.

3. Campark Trail Camera-WiFi 20MP 1296P Hunting Game Camera

Highlighted Features

  • Able to capture 20MP photos and 1296P videos
  • Equipped with a sturdy, waterproof body that will keep your camera safe
  • Features a powerful 850nm infrared LED for low-visibility photos
  • Comes with a mounting strap and a threaded tripod for convenience
  • Makes use of a convenient app to help you manage your photos, videos & settings

Campark Trail CameraThis next wireless trail camera from Campark is also operated using Wi-Fi and comes loaded with a number of impressive specifications and features. What’s more, it comes at a price that is quite unbeatable.

The triggering distance for this wireless camera, like the one we looked at before, is also 65 feet, while the trigger speed is 0.5 seconds. With the ability to take 20MP photos, and 1296P videos, and equipped with a reliable and efficient night vision, this camera will produce impressive visual resources for you to use in hunting or the security of your home.

And speaking of hunting, those who will be using this camera for the purposes of monitoring a trail will certainly appreciate its waterproof body. The sturdy and durable casing of the camera is weatherproof overall, protecting your camera from dust and heat. Plus, it looks great, too, thanks to a camo print pattern on its body.

This camera makes use of an app that must be installed on the user’s phone. Not only can photos and videos be accessed directly from the app, but you will also be able to manipulate the camera settings from the comfort of your own home.

4. Spartan 4G Wireless UTowel Bundle Deal Bundled with HD GoCam 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes ready to use with included 4G AT&T cellular service
  • Duty period setting allows you to take photos at timed intervals
  • Durable casing makes the camera waterproof and weatherproof
  • Can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis without signing a contract
  • Fully compatible with HCO GoWireless mobile and web portal
  • Purchase includes microfiber towels for easy cleaning
  • Able to take clear 8MP photos and 720p videos

Spartan HD GoCamIf you remember the Spartan wireless trail camera that we reviewed earlier, then you already know that it’s a device that is jam-packed with the most lucrative features and specifications one can expect from their trail camera. Well, imagine that camera, but better—because this one has HD capabilities.

Utilizing a low trigger speed of under 1 second, this camera can rapidly snap photos of 8MP and videos of clear 720p. And thanks to the integration of an infrared LED array, illumination is available to provide exposure for up to 70 feet.

Enhancing functionality is a primary concern for Spartan, and it shows. When you’re away from the camera or do not want it to continually snap photos, you can set up “duty periods” with varying intervals for the time-lapse and trigger.

The durability of this camera is ensured thanks to the durable casing, which adequately protects both the rear and front halves of the case. Add to that the large rubber gasket on the front half, and you have a camera that is basically weatherproof.

All in all, it’s quite easy to see why this trail camera comes so highly-rated, and is so highly sought after: it offers the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and reliable performance.

5. Covert Scouting Cameras 5472 AT&T Lte Certified Code black Wireless Trail Camera

Highlighted Features

  • Mossy Oak pattern on the body makes for great camouflage on the trail
  • Captures photos of 12MP and videos of 720p
  • Features infrared flash with 60 invisible LEDs
  • Able to take black and white night photos within 100 feet
  • Sends photos and videos directly to the Covert mobile app
  • Also available in two different shades of brown
  • Provides SD card support of 32GB (or 64GB for more expensive models)

Covert Scouting Cameras 5472 AT&T Lte Certified Code black Wireless Trail CameraOur final pick is the aptly named Covert Scouting Camera, and it comes with a number of great and dependable features at a competitive price. It makes use of the AT&T 4G network, so it will require you to subscribe to a data plan.

Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality images from this thing, with the photos being taken in up to 12MP and the videos in clear 720P. The included invisible IR flash is able to capture photos up to 100 feet away in low-visibility conditions.

The camera will automatically send all photos and videos to your smartphone or web portal, delivered through the Covert phone app or program. And since it’s equipped with the efficient capabilities of the AT&T network, you won’t have to worry about an extended time wait.

And of course, each photo will come with relevant information pertaining to the surroundings, including the moon phase, time, date, temperature, and battery life. Plus, the color view screen on the camera makes it super easy to use and control.

Overall, this is a camera that could give several others in the same class a run for their money. And we mean that literally—despite making use of the well-loved AT&T network and offering high-quality photos and videos amid a number of useful features, the manufacturers of this camera have still managed to make it affordable.

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Buying Guide for Wireless Trail Cameras

Like any technical product, you have to keep a few factors in mind before buying your wireless trail camera. Here they are.

Range of Detection

This refers to the total area that your wireless trail camera can fit into its frame of detection. It goes without saying that this is probably the most important factor in the overall workings of your trail camera. Once movement is sensed by your camera in its detection range, a signal is activated, which triggers the capturing of an image.

But how does your camera detect movement? It might have a motion sensor installed, or it may use sound. If the camera senses movement or picks up sound using strong recording abilities, it then activates the lens aperture.

Cellular/WiFi Capability

The majority of trail cams make use of a cellular network. This allows them to operate independently and remotely send photos and videos to the user. As long as there is cellular reception in the area, your trail cam will be functional.

A cheaper option is a trail camera that utilizes Wi-Fi. You'll save money as a separate subscription to a telecom company won't be required in order to operate it.

However, as you can imagine, the range for Wi-Fi operated trail cams is much smaller, with the maximum area being 66 feet. So it really depends on the intended use of the camera.

Battery Life

One of the defining marks of a good trail camera is reliably long battery capacity. In fact, it would be pretty pointless to buy a trail camera that can't stay operational for very long, wouldn't it?

Your chosen wireless trail camera should have a battery life that allows it to run uninterrupted for about a week, at least; anything less than that signals a camera not worth buying. Remember, manufacturers may exaggerate the battery life in product descriptions, so be cautious.

Image Quality

One should never buy a camera without confirming that the images it produces are of good quality, and this is particularly true in the case of wireless trail cameras. In fact, for many people, the image quality can take precedence over battery life and trigger speed.

A good way to ascertain the image quality is to look at sample photos taken with the camera by others. Also, take into account the lens type, size of the sensor, and megapixel count.

Functionality Features

Pay attention to the little details of your chosen trail cam, because they will turn out to be a big deal later on: what does the interface look like? Is it easy to navigate? Can you perform basic functions on it, like deletion?

Furthermore, does the camera have cloud capabilities? Is it able to independently sync to your smartphone/tablet/computer? Can it display relevant statistics? These features, and more, will determine to a great extent what you can get out of your trail camera.

Frequently Asked Questions for Wireless Trail Cameras

Q: Will I need to pay a subscription fee for a wireless trail camera? If so, why?

Ans: Yes, you will. This is because the camera utilizes a cellular network for connectivity. This will allow the camera to communicate with you from remote distances.

Q: What are the benefits of a Wi-Fi operated wireless trail camera?

Ans: Firstly, you don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Furthermore, because they have a smaller range of connectivity, they are perfect for use by homeowners who are using the camera for theft detection.

Q: How long will one battery last in my wireless trail camera?

Ans: You can expect it to stay functional for up to 7 to 8 months, but this number can, obviously, vary according to the intended uses of the camera.

Q: How do wireless trail cameras store images?

Ans: They make use of an SD card. If you're using it for hunting purposes, make sure that the camera you buy comes with a large storage capacity.

Q: How do wireless trail cameras take photos in darkness/low visibility?

Ans: Usually, this is done with the help of infrared technology. Once an image is captured, the infrared light is activated, which allows for greater exposure.


The best wireless trail camera varies from person to person, but we’re quite impressed by the Covert Scouting Cameras 5472—it offers high-tech specs and features at a great price.

If you're looking for a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, though, we would suggest the TOGUARD WiFi Trail Camera, with its vivid photos and videos and useful features.

Good luck, and may your trail photos always come out clear as day!

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