8 Best Womens Compound Bows to Buy in 2021

Best Womens Compound BowBe it for hunting, target practice, or the noble sport of archery; the compound bow has shaped up to be one of the most versatile weapons in recent history.

An increasing number of women are taking up archery in its many forms. However, the invention of compound bows for women is a relatively new innovation. In the past, women archers would have to resort to bows not very well-suited to their physique.

So to give you a better idea of the options available to you, today we’re going to be looking at some of the best womens compound bows to be found on the market. Plus, we’ve also included a buying guide to make your purchase easier.

Let’s get started!

1. Top Point Archery Compound Bow

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely easy to assemble for first-time use
  • Accommodates a wide draw weight range between 10 and 50 pounds
  • Riser and cams are all made from durable aluminum
  • Available in an attractive pink and black color scheme
  • Purchase includes all required implements and components

Top Point Archery Compound BowOur first pick is a beautiful bow in a Muddygirl color scheme. But there’s more to this bow beyond its high aesthetic appeal; it’s highly rated yet available at a great price, which makes it ideal for beginners.

From this right-handed bow, you can expect an IBO speed of 320fps, which is facilitated by its axle length of 28 inches. It comes with a pretty low minimum draw weight of 10 pounds, which makes it an excellent choice for those who are just starting out with compound bows.

At full draw, the draw length of this bow is anywhere between 19 and 30 inches. Furthermore, it’s quite adjustable, so even if you’re using this bow to start off, you can manipulate it to suit you better as you gain more experience.

But what about the construction of the bow? The riser is made from aluminum, as are the cams, so you’re getting a bow that is both lightweight and durable.

If you choose to purchase this bow, you’re going to receive a number of necessary implements along with it, including (but not limited to) a brush arrow rest, a bow release, a stabilizer made from rubber, and 12 arrows constructed from composite carbon material. And it’s all available at a nearly unbelievable price. A steal!

2. Southland Archery Supply SAS Primal

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with adjustable draw length and draw weight
  • 40-1/2 inch axle length makes it ideal for use in target practice
  • Offers a maximum speed of 245 feet per second
  • Can be purchased with or without accessories
  • Available in two colors: blue and ruby

Southland Archery Supply SAS PrimalSouthland Archery Supply is a brand that, despite not being around for a very long time, has garnered quite a dedicated following of customers, and this bow is a good example of why.

With a draw weight that can be set between 35 and 50 pounds and a draw length that can be set anywhere between 26 and 31 inches, this bow feels intensely and endlessly adjustable. That translates to a bow that shooters of differing expertise levels can use with ease.

Our favorite thing about this bow is the quad limbs. With high-quality construction using CNC machining, the bow feels well-made yet easy to handle. Even if you’re a beginner, getting used to making accurate shots with this bow will take no time at all.

This bow measures 40 and a half inches from axle to axle, while the brace height is 7 and a half inches. You’ll enjoy the 65% let-off, which in our opinion hits the sweet spot for balancing out the 4-pound body of the bow.

Now, for the same price as this bow, you might find others that come in a set. However, given the quality and flexibility you can get from this one, we think it’s better to invest in a higher-quality bow.

3. Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with adjustable draw weight and draw length
  • Bow press not required to make adjustments
  • Much more lightweight compared to other similar models
  • Extremely versatile, making it suitable for many expertise levels
  • Purchase includes all necessary components e.g., sight, stabilizer and nock loop
  • Available in 4 attractive color variations

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound BowAs we discussed before, lightweight bows are a better fit for female archers. This sleek and high-performing bow from Bear Archery is the perfect choice in that regard, given that it weighs only 3.2 pounds!

However, what we love most about this bow is its versatility. Adjustability is key when picking out a suitable bow, especially for beginners; thanks to the fully adjustable draw weight (between 5 and 45 pounds) and draw length (between 12 and 27 inches), this bow fits the bill. On that note, making those adjustments is also super easy. You won’t have to make use of a bow press; as long as you have an Allen wrench, you’re good to go.

So what kind of performance can you expect from this compound bow? Despite its streamlined and lightweight build, this bow can deliver up to 290 feet per second of speed. That’s good news for anyone that might want to consider this bow for hunting purposes.

You’re also going to appreciate the grip on the bow, which is designed to increase your accuracy (which the manufacturers have managed to do by eliminating hand torque). All in all, it’s a great bow for almost all expertise levels; sure, it’s a little expensive, but the high ratings are proof of why that is!

4. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Highlighted Features

  • The purchase comes with all required implements, perfect for beginners
  • Offers a high maximum speed of 310 feet per second
  • Main components made from durable and lightweight aluminum
  • Adjustments don't require a bow press, only an Allen wrench
  • Can be purchased with or without accessories

Leader Accessories Compound BowWe’ve had a look at some great bows, but most of them don’t come in a set, which can be a setback for those looking to start their archery journey from scratch. This right-handed bow comes with all the implements you could possibly need from a compound bow set, including 12 carbon arrows.

So what do we like about this bow? With a draw weight that’s adjustable between 50 and 70 pounds and a draw length adjustable between 25 and 31 inches, this bow is ideal for archers currently on the intermediate skill level.

Furthermore, you can expect a staggering 310 feet per second of speed from this thing. And should its 4.4-pound weight sometimes prove too heavy, you can also make use of the 75% to 80% let-off function.

While the price might seem high, it’s actually not, given that this is a pretty comprehensive compound bow set. And despite a large number of components, the quality and performance could easily compete with some of the best bows on the market. At the same time, it’s good to note that the draw weight might be a little too high for beginners or children.

5. Quest Radical Right Hand Package

Highlighted Features

  • Capable of an IBO speed of up to 295 feet per second
  • Purchase includes a quiver, string suppressor, halo rest, sight, etc.
  • Weighs only 3.25 pounds, making it suitable for use by beginners and children
  • Highly adjustable without requiring a bow press

Quest Radical Right Hand PackageThe next bow we’ve selected for your consideration is from Quest, and it’s one of the most well-built bows we’re going to be reviewing today. Furthermore, it comes with the required additional parts, which you’re bound to appreciate.

Weighing only 3.25 pounds, this is also one of the more lightweight options on our list. Its dual cams are easily adjustable, and won’t require you to use a bow press; all you need is an Allen wrench. Handling this bow doesn’t take the life out of you, and that’s important for those seeking a seamless archery experience.

The default draw weight is 40 pounds, while the draw length is 25 inches, but you can easily adjust these according to skill level and strength. The maximum IBO speed you can expect from this bow is 295 feet per second. The short axle length also enhances the easy maneuverability of the bow.

We also quite love the look of this bow. It’s available in a Realtree AP Purple dura fuse finish. The aluminum components of the bow also give it a premium feel, while helping to maintain the overall minimalistic appeal of the bow.

6. Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii

Highlighted Features

  • Can be purchased with or without accessories for your convenience
  • Capable of a maximum speed of 260 feet per second
  • Adjustable draw weight and draw length for your convenience
  • Can be used with a 68% let-off on draw weight
  • Lightweight yet packed with powerful performance features

Southland Archery Supply SAS ScorpiiWe’re back with another Southland Archery Supply compound bow, but this one is even more highly rated than the last one! With a number of great and dependable features, this is undoubtedly a great fit for both intermediate and advanced archers.

Weighing only 3.3 pounds, this is a bow that is recognized for its compactness and lightweight. The axle length is 28 inches, which is a perfect middle-ground for most archers. We love that the draw length is endlessly adjustable, as it can be set between 19 and 29 inches.

Now, the speed of 260 fps that this bow offers can be considered to be too low by bow-hunters, but it’s a great speed for those who will be using it for target practice. The reasonable axle length also facilitates this.

And the best part? This great bow is available at a nearly unbelievable price. So whether you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a lot or an experienced archer on a budget, we’d definitely recommend this bow. Plus, let’s not forget that you have the option of purchasing it with additional accessories!

7. SereneLife Compound Bow

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for all kinds of applications, be it hunting or target practice
  • Does not have any plastic parts, making it extra durable
  • Constructed from premium quality aluminum and fiberglass
  • Offers an impressive maximum IBO speed of 320 FPS
  • Cable guard is built from high-quality stainless steel

SereneLife Compound BowWe love this next bow from SereneLife because it’s packed with a number of professional features. That means this bow is perfect for a number of applications, be it target practice or hunting, regardless of the age of the user.

First off, let’s discuss the construction of this beauty because we love that it’s made from only the highest quality materials. The cams are fully aluminum machined, while the cable guard is made from stainless steel. Furthermore, the bow limbs are made from extra-strength fiberglass, and the riser is made of sturdy, high-intensity metal.

The high-end construction of this bow does comparatively make it a little heavier at 3.9 pounds, but its performance definitely makes up for it. With this bow, you’ll be enjoying a staggering 320 fps of IBO speed, and there’s always the 70-75% let-off to make things easier for you.

Plus, the axle length is meant to accommodate a large variety of expertise levels, especially when combined with the adjustable draw weight between 30 and 70 pounds. Overall, we think this is a great pick, especially for teenagers who are invested in dedicated target practice!

8. Bear Archery Finesse Compound Bow

Highlighted Features

  • Offers lower recoil thanks to efficient single cam system and smooth draw cycle
  • Ideal for experienced users dedicated to target practice
  • Weighs only 3 pounds but offers an IBO speed of 285 fps
  • Offers shock-free functionality and a silent release
  • Built specifically with the seasoned female archer in mind

Bear Archery Finesse Compound BowAnd so we’ve arrived at the final compound bow on our list, which is another pick from the fine bow-makers over at Bear Archery. It comes with a highly efficient single cam system, which, combined with its other great features, make it a great option for target practice.

First off, we love how lightweight this thing is, at only 3 pounds; at the same time, you’ll be able to enjoy a convenient let-off rate of 80% if you do struggle with the bow.

So what kind of performance can you expect from this thing? It offers a great middle-point IBO speed of 285 fps. Plus, this bow also offers an adjustable draw range between 23 and 28 inches and a draw weight between 40 and 50 pounds.

We think you’re also going to love the exceedingly smooth and flexible draw cycle, which makes highly efficient use of a well-structured single cam system.

All things considered, we think that this bow is shaping up to be the perfect choice for those looking for a replacement bow for target practice. That being said, we do think that if you’re a beginner, you might want to look at a bow made for light-duty applications.

What to Consider While Buying Compound Bow For Women

Not sure what the right bow is for you? When looking for the best compound bow for women, which tend to weigh less and have a higher draw weight, it's important to keep the following factors in mind.

Bow Weight

No one wants a bow that is too heavy for them to use comfortably, and this is especially true for amateur or rookie female archers who are still getting used to handling a bow.

The fact of the matter is that a too-heavy bow will be difficult to use, thereby lessening the accuracy you can expect from it. Typically, a bow meant exclusively for women to use will be lighter to accommodate the slimmer arms of a woman.

IBO Speed

IBO stands for the International Bowhunting Organization (which is something you should already know). The measurement of the speed of a bow is usually done according to the formula used by the IBO. Generally, the greater the fps (feet per second), the better!

Draw Length

The draw length is the distance between your grip and the string at the first draw. It's important to remember that women usually tend to have a shorter draw length.

However, if it's too short, you'll have a harder time anchoring the arrow and will thereby suffer a lack of consistency in shooting. At the same time, a too-long draw length will stop you from being able to harness the full extent of the bow's power.

The solution is to choose a bow that leaves wiggle room of about an inch or two beyond your arm span (the measurement of one arm's end to another when held parallel to the ground in a right angle, at shoulder height).

Draw Weight

The draw weight refers to the amount of force required to pull back for your draw. The higher the draw weight, the higher the power.

The right bow draws weight for beginners is on the lower end, at about 10 pounds. But if you have more experience than that, 40 to 55 pounds is ideal. The latter is ideal for those looking to hunt some big animals with their compound bow.

Axle Length

This refers to the measurement of the distance between the two axels of your bow. You should consider the right axle length against the intended purpose of your bow.

A bow with a longer axle length will tend to provide more stability. However, they can be cumbersome to handle, especially if you like to pack light for your hunting trips. Moreover, a longer axle can be more difficult to maneuver if you're short.


One of the defining characteristics of a compound bow is that it uses cams and cables to store power, which allows it to lower the overall weight of the bow at full draw. The percentage by which this weight is lowered is referred to as the "let-off."

Bows that have a lower let-off percentage can make up for a heavier bow. So even if you opt to buy a bow that you feel might be too heavy for you, a high let-off percentage (e.g., 80%) can help you enjoy higher flexibility and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions For Womens Compound Bows 

Q: How can I figure out my draw length?

Ans: First, measure your arm span—the distance from one fingertip to another (arms held at shoulder height, parallel to the ground at 90 degrees). Now, divide that number by 2.5 to find the draw length.

Q: What is the difference between a men's compound bow and a women's compound bow?

Ans: Generally, women tend to have a shorter draw length; compound bows made for women are adjusted to this configuration. Furthermore, bows for women tend to be less heavy, a well.

Q: What is the draw weight of a compound bow?

Ans: That refers to the amount of force you will need to exert when pulling back to draw your bow. In compound bows, a higher draw weight will correlate to greater power.

Q: What is the best compound bow for a teenage girl?

Ans: In our opinion, that would be the Quest Radical Right Hand Package, thanks to the high adjustability and flexibility it offers.

Q: Do I need a bow with a higher let-off percentage?

Ans: You can certainly benefit from a higher let-off rate if you prioritize having a relaxed string at full draw. Plus, a higher let-off rate will allow you for greater flexibility.


So that concludes our look at the best womens compound bows currently to be found on the market. Yes, choosing just one can be overwhelming—so it’s a good thing you have our buying guide to turn to!

May your arrows always land on target. Good luck!

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