How to Attach Bike Trailer without Coupler | Easy Methods

People normally attach bike trailers because it is a very important accessory for people looking to carry things with them out on a bike ride. That extra capacity for carrying could mean you can put your extra load of cargo in the trailer while going on trips on a bike, your toddler, or even your pets.

The conveniences of bike trailers are undeniable, and anyone could easily try to attach one at home, but what happens if you don’t have coupler? Don’t worry I got you covered! Below I will be talking about how to attach bike trailer without coupler easily.

So, let’s begin.

What is a bike trailer?

A bike trailer is a motor-less trailer that can sometimes be one-wheeled or two-wheeled. It harbors a hitch system for the intent of carrying. Bike trailers come in different forms for different purposes. Some trailers are specifically designed to carry children, while some are designed to carry heavy loads such as cargo or other hefty stuff. It expands the capacity of your cargo by volume and lets you be in charge of its proportions.

There are trailers available to carry dogs as well, which understandably is designed to be smaller. These bike trailers are carefully designed with purpose-exclusivity. Have a trip to enjoy? No worries, attach a bike trailer to carry your load for ease of journey. Want to go on a bike hike with the family? Put your children or your pet in the backseat of the trailer and enjoy your excursion. Now with a few simple procedures, you, too, could also garner the knowledge of attaching a bike trailer.

Attaching a bike trailer is super easy if you have the correct equipment. For starters, you must have in your possession a coupler to connect the trailer to the bike. A coupler is a pivotal tool for this process. It is a device that was created to hold the bike and trailer in place. Oh, so you don’t have a coupler? It is fine. That is exactly what I will be going into details about! Below I will be discussing several steps you can take to attach a bike trailer without a coupler:

How to Attach Bike Trailer without Coupler

Here are the 2 most effective methods for you.

1. Try Bolt-on Hub

The next best alternative to a coupler would be a bolt-on hub. In that case, try looking for a steel bolt-on hub as it will be more convenient for this purpose because the steel, in general, is a very firm alloy and will get the job done just fine. It is made super easy with just a few simple steps!

  • To attach the hitch to your bicycle – simply remove the axle nut from the wheel washer on the left side of the bike and place the steel hitch onto the axle.
  • The steel hitch will replace the washer in the wheel nut and tighten it enough, and will allow you to adjust the alignment of the hitch.
  • Then proceed to line up your tow bar and insert the pin from the bottom, and lock in place, and with the hitch in correct alignment, tighten the rear axle nut while keeping the hitch in position.
  • If you are having difficulty keeping the hitch from rotating as you tighten the axle nut, in which case you need to disconnect the tow bar and align the hitch in a manner that the final tightening of the axle nut rotates the hitch in the correct position as it tightens.
  • Once the hitch has been attached, it remains with the bicycle in position.
  • While you are connecting the trailer to your bike – do not forget to fasten the safety strap through the frame of your bike and clip it into the tow bar for securement.

Although a bolt-on hub is the most fitting substitute, you can also opt for different bike mount frames to attach a bike trailer.

2. Use ChainStay Mount Frame or Seat Post Mount

These mount frames usually come with mounting kits that will help you to utilize them as the perfect equipment to attach trailers. The attachment kits come with hitches and tubes, which you can attach to the axle nut to connect the trailer.

The chainstay frame could get a little complex even though it is the most basic one; try the sea post mount kit if that is the case. The sea post-frame does not have compatibility issues which makes it less complicated.


Now you know how to attach bike trailer without coupler.

After the completion of these few steps, you are ready to enjoy your bicycle ride – whether it is with loved ones or alone on a bike trip with your belongings. If you can’t get a trailer, give our article on the best hitch bike rack for subaru outback to find a way to carry your bicycle.