How to Hang Outdoor Curtains with Wire –A Much Needed Guide!

How to Hang Outdoor Curtains with WireYour outdoor space is not something that should be deprived of looking good just like the inside of house. And one of the finest ideas to implement here is getting some outdoor curtains. Using some wires, you can easily put things together and take care of the whole décor of outside.

However, main issue might be about the actual process of how to hang outdoor curtains with wire. That’s what you don’t know yet. Well, today’s guide is determined to help you with that hopefully.

Here’s How to Hang Outdoor Curtains with Wire Properly.

Choosing the outdoor curtains is what you need to focus on first. Also, when buying the wires to hang those, go for something high in quality. There’s going to be wind and many elements outside that these wires and curtains will be dealing with. Also, many of us are quite unable to frequently clean things that stay outside of our house. So, both the wire and curtains should be pretty capable of serving well for heavy-duty business in your space.

Materials & Supplies to Get:

  1. Hooks or rings for curtain hanging.
  2. Turnbuckle.
  3. Aircraft cable.
  4. Clips for ire rope.
  5. Heavy-duty hooks for screws.
  6. Stud finder.
  7. Drill and piloting bit.
  8. Measurement tape.
  9. Wrench.
  10. Wire cutters.
  11. Screwdriver.

You should hang your curtain on the wall where stud is located. But first, you need to locate where on the wall these two studs are residing. And to help you with that, the stud finder can really make an effort.

Once you find the location for both studs, mark those down. Use a pencil or marker to make a clear sign. Next, you need to take some measurements for space between this mark and you’re ceiling. Or you can also calculate the distance from a little above your floor. The desired height for cable is what you’re aiming to find out for each stud location. This is where you’ll be creating holes.

Make Those Holes Neat

Right onto the middle of each stud at desired height mark, simply drill a pilot hole. You can use some heavy-duty screws to drive into the stud. Similar to a lag screw’s design that works well with woods, the screw hook should come with coarse threads. Once the screw starts, use a plier or wrench whatever is available to drive it even better.

Cut the Cables

Now you need to calculate the distance that’s between both hooks. Whatever is the result add around 12 inches extra to it. And this is your measurement to allow for cutting the aircraft cable. Use a good quality wire cutter to make some neat cuts on the cables.

Looping & Hanging

You need to create a 7 inches long tail on one end of the cable. So, create a loop to do so. To make sure the loops secure enough, use two or more wire rope clips here. Use the wrench or screwdriver for tightening those clips. Now you need to hang this loop end onto one of the preinstalled wall hooks.

To make the threaded ends of turnbuckle be completely extending, you need to loosen it a bit. Onto the other hook-on wall, simply hook this turnbuckle hook nicely. Though the turnbuckle’s free end, you need to thread cable’s loose tip. Give the cable taut a pull for securing with rope clips next. Any remaining extra cable needs to go off, use wire cutters to trim. Now create the desired tension amount of cable by tightening turnbuckle.

Put those hooks and rings on your curtain. It’s time to hand the curtains with cable. If you notice any sagginess while hanging, simply tighten the turnbuckle. And the trouble should go away. Just be very gradual with the tightening process.

Warnings & Tips to Keep in Mind

Don’t go for toggle bolt anchors if you are hanging some heavy curtains. Instead, eye hooks onto the wall studs will be able to hold weight without dropping them any time sooner. Also, these help better in a wide-area spanning situation.

You can opt for different material aircraft cables. But to ensure heavy-duty holding, go for vinyl-coated steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel made cables.

If you feel like the curtain’s fabric will suffer from discoloration, then use vinyl-coated cables.

Wrap Up

And that was how to hang outdoor curtains with wire easily all by yourself. Definitely, your outdoor space also deserves some décor and things like that. So, adding curtains simply with some wires or cables is not a bad idea at all.

In fact, it’s something you should be doing to keep outer space looking great. However, once you get the chance, try to upgrade it with some sturdy rods. If you have plans on investing for pretty high quality and expensive curtains, then also rods would be much better to go for. For now, wires are not a bat alternative, however.