How to Shoot a Compound Bow Like an Ace?

how to shoot a compound bowBeauty of archery is met by the right kind of bow. A compound bow is one elegant type that makes it reach the beauty to its fullest.

This modern gear has been loved and appreciated by people in a very less amount of time. Thanks to the elegant design and flawless performance, a compound bow is now a huge thing to both seasoned hunters and beginners.

So, as a newcomer in the world of archery, I’m not surprised that you’re willing to learn how to shoot a compound bow.

How to Shoot a Compound Bow Correctly: The Skills, Technique & Tactics to Master.

After passing your absolute beginner’s day with the best recurve bow, thinking about a change is actually a pretty good decision.

Especially when the change is turning to something like a compound bow. With better speed, control, and design, you will fall in love with it. Unlike a recurve bow, you don’t have to entirely depend on your physical strength here.

Well, let’s talk about shooting with a compound bow without waiting any further.

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Preparation is Important.

There are a few things you need to check before really shooting with it. The first and foremost, check whether its strings are of high quality. They should be able to tolerate heavy usage and not get worn out quickly.

Also, before making a shot, see if it is in right shape and comes from a good maintenance background. This will have a direct impact on performance, trust me.

Also, the draw pressure that your compound bow can handle should be a known factor to you. You should practice shooting a few times before going for the actual game or hunting.

The best and effective way of learning how to shoot a compound bow is by having a complete observation from someone expert. Your every session needs comment on where there should be improvements. And a friend or guide who has better knowledge is the only one who can provide you that.

The Posture Perfecting.

Do you know what plays the most significant role in compound bow archery? Your Posture! Yes, that’s somewhere you will have to work pretty hard if this seems serious.

The target you are facing should be at a forty-five-degree angle. Both of your feet should be about 17.25 inches apart. Don’t forget to keep them parallel to each other. When you are standing, make sure your toes are facing target directly. This is going to make drawing pretty simple.

The Way You Hold.

The next thing to master is skill of holding or gripping your bow. You need to carry or hold the bow in a way that is relaxed but not completely powerless. With a too-tight grip, you won’t be able to make accurate shots for sure.

If you can’t catch the skill of a comfortable grip there’s another way. You can try wrist sling in such cases for a firm grip. There’s nothing to be nervous about. If anything makes your shot hit the target, it needs to be done without any shame.

Also, make sure you are not shooting with an open hand. This is going to bring high disappointment and fatal error. During a shot, you should never grab a compound bow with your drawing hand.

Learn the Art of Anchor.

Anchor position is a very well-known method of using a compound bow. Here you need to lock string hand with the side of your face when drawing. Both your hand and string should be on the right side of face. This is the case for a right-handed shooter. Vice Versa is applicable for a left-handed shooter.

Anchoring string at your mouth corner or under the chin can help you master the highest level of accuracy.

Proper Draw.

When you shoot a compound bow with fingers, make sure to extend directly toward a target with your bow-arm. You need to hold the string quite firmly between your fingers. There are also mechanical devices available if you don’t like that way.

Make sure you are pulling string pretty smoothly and firmly while pointing at the target. While you extend bow, it needs to go all the way. The string should be pulled back to its maximum draw point. You should firmly resist any urge to move the bow ahead.

If you choose a heavy compound bow, then this part is going to be quite daunting. So, while bow selection, keep the draw point in mind while figuring out its weight. An improper draw means miss-shot, remember that.

Aiming is Gaming.

In most cases, you should have an equipped sight in the bow itself. This will make aiming pretty simple and easy for you. However, there’s no guarantee of reaching perfect aiming with such sights.

These are okay for any average shooter. In most cases, these are simple laser sight. However, they are nowhere near the natural aiming which could be only achieved through constant practice.

One tip for becoming the best aimer is aiming slightly above the actual target. This depends on the wind conditions, however. This way it becomes quite easy to look directly at a target while aiming.

A Smooth Releasing.

A good release can make your shot hit the mark. The more relaxing movement your fingers have while releasing shot, better will be its result. You need to understand that slight tensioning here can be a good reason for disrupting aim.

Some prefer to have mechanical release aid to keep this smooth. You will only need to focus on drawing, aiming and pulling the trigger in that case. But then again, a slight slap of trigger can fail the mechanism horribly.

Training Your Sense.

Now, most of you will think that lowering your bow once arrow is released is the most natural thing to do. Well, it is natural but not necessary.

Just like playing golf, follow-through is a very important part of archery. This needs you to stand steadily holing your bow even after releasing. So that you can understand your formation, how your arrow is traveling and exactly where it hits.

You may not figure out instantly but your brain is catching all that information in itself. And when you practice the next shot, this information is going to get used.

Finally, Keep on Practicing.

The ultimate answer on how to shoot a compound bow depends on your amount of practicing. Trust me or not, I’ve seen many young shooters completely losing their minds after just trying for a few days and then eventually giving up.

But some hard workers really amaze me with their pure dedication and patience. You need to be from that group of high patience. And I promise the art of archery with any bow won’t be escaping from you for too long.

Just Give Your Fullest & Keep Practicing. Soon You’ll See the Magic of Your Hard Work.