How to Use A Pole Spear | Ultimate Geeky Guide For The Begginer!

How to Use A Pole SpearDo you happen to be someone who is very interested in fishing? If you are then you must know that there are various different types of tools and equipment you can use in order to catch a fish. And one particular type of fishing equipment is the pole spear.

Now you might either have some knowledge on how a pole spear works, or you might have no idea at all, regardless of what level you are at right now, we are here to help. Here you will find a very thorough instruction on how to use a pole spear in order to catch a fish. Let’s get to the fun part!

Why Use A Pole Spear?

The first thing you might want to know is why is there a need to use a pole spear when you could easily use a fishing rod to catch them. Well, there are actually a few reasons why you would opt for this rather than anything else.

The water in which you’re fishing might be too shallow. Therefore a fishing rod would be unnecessary. Another reason why you might use the pole spears is if you are fishing in very close quarters. There is not much room for you, and thus stabbing the fish with the spear is the way to go.

And this is especially helpful you quickly need to reload. Meaning that, there is a chance you will miss the fish you are targeting, so you have to keep trying your luck as these fishes tend to move in a school. The spear will give you more reaction time.

There are many places where you would really enjoy spear fishing, Bahamas for example is a very popular spot for this kind of activity.

How To Find The Ideal Spear?

It is of great importance to make sure the equipment you are using is fit for the job. In this case you must know what kind of pole spear will be the best for catching a fish. There are a few factors you need to look into when you are making the decision.

Length of the spear

one of the most important thing for you at this point is how long the pole spear is. The longer the spear the more range you will have while hunting for fishes. You might be tempted to get a longer spear as it will give you more range, but they are harder to work with, especially if you newer to it.

Tip of the spear

The tip is also very important as that is what will enable you to catch the fish. Three-prong, flopper tips and slip tips are the three types of tips we tend to use for this the most often. All of these have various different purposes and need to find the right one for the right occasion.

Material of the spear

The material the spears are made with will have an impact of the stopping power and the speed of your shot. Spears are usually made with fibreglass, carbon fibre and aluminium. The lighter spear will move much faster, but you will not get much stopping power, but the heavier one will be slower but will have greater stopping power.

These are some of the main things you have to look into when it comes to pole spears, there are various other things to look into. But as a beginner these are things that need the most focus.

How to Use A Pole Spear?

Now we can move to the most important part of the article, how are you supposed to use the pole spear to catch the fish in the first place. We are going to break the whole process down to a few steps so that you have an easier time understanding what you much do.

The method I am going to be talking about can be used with various different kinds of fishes including lion fishes. You might have to change things up a bit depending on the environment and the behaviour of the fish you are hunting.

Step 1: Understand Where to Fish

The first thing you need to pay attention to when it comes to spearfishing is finding out where you are going to fish. This is important as different spots entail different methods of fishing. You will also have to make some adjustments based on where you are.

You will have to make sure you go unsuspected. This will enable you to catch fishes easily. Also try to limit your movements so that the fishes are not scared away before you can get to them.

Step 2: Aim

The next thing on your to-do list is learning how to aim. This might be one of the most important factors when it comes to thing type of fishing. At first you might think that aiming will not be tough but you need to keep many thing in mind and have to take a few things into account.

The water will have an impact on your aim as well as the speed at which your spear moves. So my advice for you is to practice your aim for a while before you get used to it. Once you have the method under your belt, you can easily try this out for real.

Step 3: Shoot

Right along with your aim you need to work on shooting too. The pole spear needs to be shot in a very specific way. Otherwise you might hurt you back in the process, or you might also miss your target each time. You stance and the positioning of your spear will determine your shot.

Another important part of shooting is to not drain out all your energy by keeping your muscles engaged at all times. You will have to get tired a lot quicker and might give up on the quest a lot faster too.

Final Thought

It is not easy to excel at something without practice, and for this particular task you need a bit of guidance along with practice. Try to find a mentor for you who will teach you how to use a pole spear.

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