How to Use Peloton Bike or Tread Without Subscription!

For working out at home, many people prefer to use a bike indoors to work out. One of the popular options is a Peloton bike. However, one question that causes people to hesitate is “can you use peloton without subscription”? The short answer is- yes.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use Peloton without subscription. We will also detail what exclusive benefits subscribers will get when using the bike or tread.

Does A Peloton Bike Or Tread Need A Subscription?

So, does Peloton work without subscription? Yes, most models have a free run feature that allows you to use the machine without needing to pay the Peloton monthly fee.

However, do note that this will lock you out of some content that subscribers can enjoy. The free run feature does include most of the basic functions, including access to the machine so you can do your daily workout without paying the fee.

The free run or “just ride” feature in most bikes or treads allows you to use the machine, and it tracks your current stats. However, it will not save these statistics in a separate profile, and you cannot retrieve them after your workout session. To save these, you will need to pay for the subscription, which will allow you to create a Peloton profile and record your sessions.

Similarly, this applies to the Peloton tread as well. So if you wanted to know, “can you use a Peloton tread without subscription” the answer is yes. This is important because the price of a tread is much higher than that of a bike and it cuts down on cost. However, the same restrictions apply to mean you can’t save your statistics without a profile.

For owners who have one of each (one tread and one bike), you will only need to pay for one subscription to access features on both machines. However, any more and you will need to pay for separate subscriptions.

Using A Peloton Bike With Just Ride | How To Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription

Since you now know that you can use the bike without paying the monthly fee, we’ll guide you on how to operate it. After purchasing it and properly setting it up, you need to follow the steps below:

Ensure You Have Power And A Stable Net Connection

First, you need to connect your bike to a proper source. Check for an led indicator that will denote if the machine is properly receiving power. Once connected, use the power button to boot it up and wait for the prompt.

The prompt will ask for your network details and WiFi connection. After that, you need to set up the WiFi connection and input the necessary details on your bike’s touchscreen. Once done, it will show if the machine has properly connected to the network or not. For easier access, there is a save password option, so you won’t need to set up the connection again.

Selecting The No Subscription Option

Once connected, you will get a prompt telling you to set up your profile. To complete this, you will need to pay the fee so you can choose not to set up a profile. Your Peloton bike will not function in the Just Ride mode. If you have an account registered in the Peloton app, you can use it to log in.

Accessing The Archive

On your touchscreen, you should note the option to access archived videos or a folder. Usually, most purchases of a Peloton bike come with some free workout videos or classes. These are located in a separate folder and can be watched at your leisure. However, do note that without subscription, progress in these classes will not be saved so you will need to remember where you left off.

Beginning The Workout Session

After you have selected the workout class, you can plug in your headphones to the control panel. There should be a start option, and pressing it will initiate the class or video. Then you can begin your workout.

Tracking Stats

Even in Just Ride mode, there should be an option to check the stats such as burned calories and kilojoules during your workout session. You can bring it up whenever it is required by using the touchscreen. Keep in mind they will not be saved as you do not have a profile or account.

Close When You’re Done

Once your workout session is done, you can turn the power off and disconnect the power cord. When you turn it back on, you will get the option to make a profile again. Follow the steps above again to use the bike without a Peloton account.

So for general workout sessions, you can use both the bike without having to pay a fee. You can also watch some archived classes or videos to help with your exercise. If you were wondering, “can you use a Peloton tread without subscription” these same instructions apply to it so you can use it.

Benefits To A Peloton Subscription

There are benefits to a Peloton subscription. Before considering whether you want to pay for it or not, it is recommended to look at what it has to offer. An all-access member will have the following benefits:

Recording And Saving Statistics

You can create a profile, and under that profile, you can save any statistics related to your workouts. This will allow you to track any improvements you make over multiple sessions. All these records are saved under your profile and can be accessed at any time allowing you to make comparisons and see the changes in your stats during your workout.

It is also possible to access more metrics when you have a subscription, thus giving you a more in-depth look at your workout plan. You can also choose which statistics you want to save and have access to them at all times.

Access To Live Classes

One of the major benefits of a Peloton subscription is access to a large array of classes. You can join in live classes with your friends and work out together. In said classes, you can also interact with the instructor and ask questions. This incredibly interactive environment is only available to all-access members.

There are many different instructors and various live classes available in the Peloton library. Alongside live classes, you can also have access to pre-recorded classes that you can save and watch at your own pace. All of these are properly categorized and organized, allowing you to easily search them up or filter them.

Competition With Friends

Due to the tracking of statistics, you can compare and compete with your subscriber friends. You can see how far you are in the same workout class or session and how your friends are doing, all in real-time. This allows for a competitive environment where you each aim to do your best and improve.

Scenic Rides

This is exclusive to bikes. Scenic rides are an immersive new feature that allows you to select a track on the touch screen, and you can ride through it. The screen will shake, speed up, or slow down with your speed, making it feel as if you’re riding through the area making your exercise incredibly fun.

You can set the time and try to beat it along with your friends or an instructor. Scenic rides mimic locations and also have information detailing the paths. This feature gets updated with new areas, and subscribers have full access to any new content released.

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How Much Does A Peloton Subscription Cost?

As you can see, there’s a myriad of features that are incredibly helpful to Peloton subscribers. If you are wondering how much does a Peloton subscription cost, then the answer is that it requires a monthly subscription of 39 dollars. This can be used for both a bike and a tread.

Peloton App

The subscription also unlocks benefits on the Peloton app. Some people ask, “can I use a Peloton without subscription” and although you can use their machines, the mobile app isn’t very useful without one. The app is mostly a way of viewing your statistics while you’re out or attending classes.

Peloton Subscription FAQ

In this section, we’ll cover some commonly asked questions about Peloton subscriptions.

1. Is there a free trial for the Peloton service?

Yes. There is a 30 day trial period that gives you full access so you can join in live classes until the trial period expires.

2. Can you get a peloton subscription without the bike?

Yes. You can get a peloton subscription without having either a bike or tread. For this, you need to register directly on the app, and you will have access to the workout classes.

3. Can you have a Peloton without the subscription?

While you can use the bike and tread without the subscription, most of the app’s features will be locked behind the fee aside from tracking stats.

4. Is it possible for two bikes to share a subscription?

Although you can, they cannot be ridden at the same time with the same profile.

5. Can you use other Peloton bikes with your profile?

Yes. As long as you log in with the correct profile and your subscription is still valid, you can use other bikes, such as in gyms. Remember to log out afterward.

6. Is it possible to pause a subscription?

If your leave is for less than 3 months, you have the option to pause the subscription.


So as you can see, the answer to the question of does a peloton bike work without a subscription is a resounding yes. However, you will lose most of the interactive elements and the scenic ride option. Carefully consider your budget and whether you require those benefits or not before deciding on the subscription. In case you do not like the services offered, you can choose to cancel the membership.