What Is One Advantage of Hunting from An Elevated Stand?

What Is One Advantage of Hunting from An Elevated StandAre you a passionate firearm hunter who loves going for black bears? Or maybe the white-tailed deer is your ultimate hunting aim as a seasonal bowhunter? No matter what category you fall in, there’s one thing you’re absolutely knowing. And that’s the numerous advantages of hunting from an elevated stand.

Or perhaps, you are hearing such thing for the first time and have no idea on elevated stage’s benefits. Then you’ve been in the very right place. Today’s topic is for countless newbie hunters who are deprived of this very well-known setup, elevated stand.

What Is One Advantage of Hunting from An Elevated Stand: The Prime One!

There are endless benefits of an elevated stand and it’s one of the next important tools after Hunting tree saddles.

Since I’m guessing you are totally new to such topics, I’ll start from the very beginning. We’ll be discussing briefly what elevated stand exactly are and later part will cover the major benefit. Stay Tuned!

Elevated Stand.

Hunting from An Elevated StandBows and arrows are one of the very toughest yet fun tools used for hunting. And this special hunting form involves a primary strategically placed stage known to be elevated stand. Those who use firearms most of the time for hunting feel this tool very beneficial.

If you have heard about tree stand then this is basically the most common form of what we are talking about. You can simply dock over an elevated tree part with such a platform. Regular bird hunters find this amazing tool pretty useful. Since it helps to improve their shooting ability with flawless accuracy. So, if you’re hunting birds, get a pair of boots for pheasant hunting, and find an elevated stand.

Most of the commonly elevated stands are based on trees. There are quite a few types but let us talk about the most famous and used ones.

  1. The first type is hand-on stands that need a climbing aid separately. These are pretty simple in design as well as needs chains or belts for safe using.
  2. The next type are self-climbing stands. These are basically for hunters who need walking with stands that go right up from a tree.
  3. The final type is ladder stands. It comes with a ladder to enable climbing easily.

The Prime Benefit of Elevated Stand Hunting.

We all know pretty well that the wide field of view is a major factor for spot games. This is much better from a position that is higher to ground.

In hunting, you don’t get much time to be prepared for the game when shooting on field. Since the target might appear anytime. And that’s why you need to be ready for the right time. This is quite bothersome and sometimes wants you to give up.

But with an elevated stand, you can easily figure out earlier about a moving target. As a result, you have plenty of time to get prepared for the shot. Once the target comes within your area of shoot, you’ll be fully ready to ignore any mistake. So, there’s a better chance of getting the game in just a few tries.

In an elevated stand, a hunter can safely stay hidden and the game won’t ever have a chance to feel their smell to getaway. The hunter can be alert to keep quiet so that games don’t run away. This is usually the case with regular field hunting.

In short, an elevated stand gives the hunter an opportunity to hunt with much more power and accuracy than regular format.

Some Other Advantages.

  • You can easily escape the animal’s regular field of view and stay hidden. This will help in locating more wandering animals without making any move.
  • There’s no chance that an animal can see your movements to run away.
  • If you’re hunting in a group, then others will get a choice of not having to look for you crazily. They can also avoid your specific area to not shoot accidentally towards you.
  • When shooting from a downwards angle you may face some troubles. The stand acts as an excellent backstop to keep your bullets shoot safely.
  • These stands are great at enhancing your sightseeing ability.

Some Cons & How to Avoid Those!

It’s nowhere good if you don’t see both sides of a coin. This is important to make a final decision on whether a tool is really necessary for you or not. And so, I want you to know both the pros and cons of elevated stands.

You already know a lot about what plus points are hanging with the stand. Let’s talk about some significant cons that might be a big problem for you. The most noticeable con is the involved risk factor.

You have a high chance of falling from the stand when climbing or getting down of it. In some cases, mishap might occur while you are standing, but the ratio is pretty low here.

These injuries can bring painful bumps and bruises. There are cases of broken bones and permanent damage as well. As a result, you see the risk factor is pretty high.


Well not so fast, here me out completely. Whatever I told you above is usually seen with hunters who don’t bother about safety rules.

Yes, there are certain safe tree stand methods that need to be applied to completely sidestep any negativity from using these. It’s important to follow each and every safety measurement as soon as your foot is above ground. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  1. You need to buy an industry-standard elevated stand with proper manufacturing, certification, and testing.
  2. Read the instruction coming along with elevated stand beforehand completely and carefully. There might be a video included as well, check it out thoroughly.
  3. Never use the elevated stand during night time.
  4. Don’t miss out on any included part of the elevated stand while using it. You should practice with it a few times before actually going hunting with these.
  5. Learn using the hand and feet contact accordingly when climbing into or out of an elevated stand.
  6. Don’t try to hold loosely the climbing system and make sure you are secure before actually letting them go.
  7. You should have proper sleep before using an elevated stand.
  8. You need a mean of communication with someone when there’s a problem. So, take a whistle, radio or smartphone with you.


So, what is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand, are you still in doubts? I’m sure the answer is no. If you feel confused about using it, chack a comprehensive video below to help.

After knowing pros and cons, I’m sure you are focusing on the positivity of using this amazing tool.

There’s no way a tool is free from a single risk factor, especially when we are discussing something related to hunting. The most tactful player here is someone who prefers to play it safe whether than not playing at all.

Hopefully, the advantage of new height and angle with a right elevated stand will company you for your next hunting trip!