How To Remove Press-Fit Bottom Bracket Without Tool?

Nowadays, most bicycles have a press-fit bottom bracket. Usually, a bottom bracket is usable for 5000 miles; after that, it needs to be changed. Hence, when the time arrives, you need to know the mechanisms of removing a press-fit bottom bracket as it is a crucial segment of a bicycle.

So, in that case, you will want to know how to remove the bottom bracket without a tool. That is because there isn’t one tool that is fit to remove all the different types of bottom brackets.

So, lo and behold! We present a method by which you can make a material out of substances that you can easily find in your toolbox; thus, work out how to remove press-fit bottom bracket without tools.

Let’s begin.

What is a Bottom Bracket?

Arguably, one of the essential parts of a bicycle is a bottom bracket, as it allows the crank arm to stayed joined to the bike’s frame.

Generally, there are two types of bottom brackets. One is threaded, and the other one is press-fit. Press-fit bottom brackets don’t have an internal thread like threaded bottom brackets; instead, they have a simple bore.  

One of the most trying aspects of the bottom bracket is that it does not have a “one-size fits all” tool that is used to remove it. As a result, you have to identify what bottom bracket resides inside your bicycle and pick a subsequent tool. You have to be as careful as choosing a single speed conversion kit with tensioner.

Although there are several tools that can remove the bottom brackets, acquiring them can be tedious. Hence, you can fashion something yourself from the usual materials found inside a toolbox which will aid you in removing the bottom bracket without tools.

How to Remove the Press-Fit Bottom Bracket Without Tool?

Follow the steps below to understand how to remove a press-fit bottom bracket without a tool.

1. Remove the Chain Set

The chain set is connected to a pedal and held by a bottom bracket. To reach the bottom bracket, you need to remove the chain set. Hence, you have to use necessary tools to remove it. You can detach the chain set by unlatching its crank bolts and taking off its adjustment cap. After that, you are good to remove it. Give it a good rinse after you have done the deed!

2. Materials Required to Remove Bottom Bracket

To assemble a customized material to remove your bottom bracket, you need a steel pipe that fits inside your bottom bracket. You also need a hex saw that can cut through the steel pipe and a plastic or rubber hammer. Furthermore, some tape can help you mark the position you need to cut. Other handy additions are a ruler, pen, and superglue to measure, mark, and attach anything to a surface.

3. Fashion a Simple Tool to Remove the Bottom Bracket

Fashion a punching tool from the aforementioned materials to remove the bottom bracket. Firstly, measure the bottom bracket while attached to the frame. Then, to assemble the punching tool cut a medium-size steel pipe longer than your bottom bracket with a hex saw.

After that, holding the steel pipe upright, you have to perform four vertical cuts on the edge of the steel from one end. You can do this by using a hex saw. For easier navigation, you can mark the portions you want to cut with tape. Next, you have to bend the vertical cut steel a little using a plier to resemble a flower.

4. Remove the Bottom Bracket

After you have fashioned a simple tool by using traditional materials found in your toolbox, now you can start the process of removing the bottom bracket.

First, you have to insert the DIY device inside the bottom bracket and hammer it a few times. Remember, the uncut side should go through first. The four cuts will form a clamp that holds on to a side of the bottom bracket, so when you hammer it, the bottom bracket comes loose. Repeat the process for both ends.

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Final Words

It is relatively easy to remove a bottom bracket. Still, the lack of a universal tool that can remove any bottom bracket is a source of discomfort. Hence, it is better to know how to remove a press-fit bottom bracket without a tool. You do not need to buy a specific tool for your bottom bracket when you can easily make one from the common materials usually found in a toolbox.

However, you are playing with fire, so do tread lightly! An unsuitable tool can damage your frame of the bottom bracket or chain set. So. although it is tedious to find the perfect instrument, we advise you to contact a mechanic instead of trying to remove a bottom bracket without the correct tools and risk damaging your bicycle.