What to Wear for Deer Hunting | Everything You Need to Know

What to Wear for Deer HuntingSetting out into the open country with arms in hand and a determined mind… the thrill of the hunt is incomparable to every hunter.

Excitement aside, though, a lack of proper preparation can severely hamper the chances of a successful hunt. And we’re not just talking about making sure to set yourself up with the best rifle; no, wearing the right clothing is a crucial part of adequate hunting preparation.

Your hunting attire should succeed in keeping you safe and comfortable, ensure your visibility to other hunters, and be functional. The ultimate goal is to achieve a level combination of functionality and comfort.

So, let’s get to know what to wear for deer hunting.

Dress for the Weather

Deer hunting season, in most parts of the country, typically falls in autumn. Although weather conditions can vary, fall is ultimately a chilly season. Accordingly, it’s important to dress warm. Your clothing should have insulation or thermal properties, allowing you to retain your body heat.

If you’re expecting the temperature to fluctuate a bit, however, you can opt for warm clothing that is made from breathable materials such as a polyester-cotton blend that has moisture-wicking properties. Opt for jackets with detachable hoods, as they are easily removable if you get too hot.

Layer Up

The cardinal rule of staying warm while on the hunt is to wear multiple layers. A long-sleeved thermal/compression T-shirt under a warm pullover hoodie is the best combination, with a warm heavy jacket on top. Many hunters also like including a fleece layer.

Choose Waterproof Attire

Autumn is a rainy season in most parts of the country. Even if you don’t foresee any rain on the horizon, you don’t want to be caught unawares by a suddenly-darkening sky and distant thunder. And beyond the rain, there’s, of course, other wet conditions to contend with on the field, such as marshes and lakes.

So, always opt for waterproof clothing when choosing your hunting attire. One popular waterproof lining is Gore-Tex, which has a lightweight build yet offers superior water resistance.

Not just your pants and shirt, but your boots should also be waterproof. And on that note…

Invest in Good Boots

Footwear is an oft-overlooked yet essential part of hunting attire. You’ll be walking and running through miles of hunting ground as you chase down your quarry; if you don’t have good boots for the purpose, you’ll be slowed down as a result of being uncomfortable. You should get the best upland hunting boots as they will come equipped with waterproof properties, heavy insulation, and sturdy outsoles for good traction.

Incorporate Camo

You want to make sure that you can blend in with the forest backdrop, so as not to be spotted by your quarry. We’re of course talking about camouflage prints. However, not just any camo will do; you’ll have to find camo prints that emulate the specific foliage or terrain of your particular hunting grounds. Many serious hunters like to go all-out with a full camo set: shirt, pants, jacket, waders, belt, face mask, and hat.

Don’t Skip the Blaze Orange

Your state might have laws and regulations that make it compulsory to have blaze orange colors in your clothing. Meant to be worn on the outermost layer of clothing, it’s a very bright neon orange color that allows you to be seen clearly by other hunters. This prevents rifle accidents and so can save your life.

A common misconception is that deer will be able to spot you if you’re wearing blaze orange. Thankfully, deer have weak eyes and are incapable of differentiating between orange and camo prints.

Choose Attire with Multiple Pockets

The easiest way to achieve functionality with your hunting attire is to buy clothing that comes outfitted with several pockets. Think baggy camo pants with multiple large pockets and field vests with high weight capacities. Pockets can help you to store essentials with ease, and keep them at arm’s reach when you’re on the hunt.


Proper attire is of crucial importance if you want to be a successful hunter. Remember to layer up, get the blaze orange, and choose waterproof materials and multiple pockets. Suit up, because those deer are waiting for you. Good luck!